NY is Set to Allow Fans Inside MSG Beginning February 23

Madison Square Garden To Allow Fans For Knicks Game

  • New York has prohibited most indoor sporting attendance since March of 2020. 
  • Governor Cuomo has just officially given permission to allow fans inside MSG beginning on Feb. 23.
  • Madison Square Garden will need to operate at 10% capacity moving forward.

The state of New York is home to some of the most iconic sporting arenas in the United States. Unfortunately, fans have been unable to attend any games inside these venues for nearly a year. That is finally about to change. New reports claim that officials are about to allow fans inside MSG!

Madison Square Garden is a truly special arena. It’s featured a huge number of major games and combat sporting events over the past decades. Today, we’ll discuss when fans will be allowed to watch live sports inside MSG once again.

Let’s get into it!

NY Lawmakers Continue to Debate Mobile Sports Betting Plans

The US sports betting industry has been quickly expanding since PASPA’s removal in 2018. This decision immediately gave every state the ability to legalize and regulate sports gambling. A few states chose to begin regulating sports betting right away. Others took more time.

It became clear that sports betting was a hugely profitable industry for states. Places like New Jersey began seeing millions of dollars coming in via taxes from its sports betting operations. This led more states around the country to begin embracing this new form of gambling.

More than half the country has now passed bills to regulate sports betting. That includes New York, which saw its first legal sports wager take place back in July of 2019. Unfortunately, only land-based sports betting is currently legal in this state.

New York restricts all of its sportsbooks to casinos. Many have recently begun pushing for the state to allow online and mobile sports betting, as well. Online sports betting is proving to be the real revenue generator for states around the country.

This isn’t a decision that can be made overnight. New York is notoriously slow at changing its regulations towards the gambling industry. Some claim the state needs a constitutional amendment in order to begin allowing bets to be placed over the internet.

There is a serious debate raging over this issue amongst NY’s lawmakers. Hope is that it is settled before the end of 2021.

Gov. Cuomo Gives Green Light to Allow Fans Inside MSG

New York was one of the hardest-hit states from the global health crisis over the summer. As a result, virtually the entire state was forced to completely shut down for months. Even now, things are far from what was considered normal back in 2019.

The healthcare system in New York is under less of a burden than it was back in August. As a result, state leaders are loosening some of the restrictions set in place. That includes heavy restrictions on the number of people allowed inside venues.

This week, Governor Andrew Cuomo gave permission to allow fans inside MSG beginning on February 23. Of course, these venues can only operate at 10% capacity and those who are attending must show proof of a negative PCR test. It’s still extremely exciting news for those who have waited months to watch their favorite basketball teams play live.

The New York Knicks released a statement about this situation via Twitter this week. You can check out the team’s Tweet below!


Moving forward, Madison Square Garden is expected to host approximately 2,000 fans per game. That will begin starting with the teams’ upcoming game against the Golden State Warriors on February 23. A huge number of fans are now looking ahead to games they can attend in the future.

This isn’t the first time sports fans in New York have been allowed to attend live sports this year. New York allowed a few thousand individuals to watch the Bills in-person during their recent playoff run. Having thousands of fans inside MSG is a different situation, though, and shows there is some progress being made.

Here’s How to Bet on the 2021 NBA Season Online

New York’s decision to legalize sports betting a few years ago was huge. This state is home to millions of hardcore sports fans. Most predicted a massive surge of wagers being placed here on a monthly basis.

Limiting sports betting indoors is slowing down the progress here. That’s especially true with the current restrictions towards land-based casinos in the state. Fortunately, there are ways to bet on the NBA online in New York right now.

Fans can head over to Bovada to bet on all of this year’s NBA action. This site launched in 2011 and is now one of the most trusted US internet sportsbooks around. It’s offering some amazing odds on every single NBA game taking place this year.

Many are now choosing to bet on which team will win the NBA championship this year. Bovada currently lists the Los Angeles Lakers as the favorites at +220. The Brooklyn Nets come in next at +400. The aforementioned Knicks will have their hands full as the +25000 underdogs.

There are some incredible odds being offered on the entire season. Make sure to check this site out today to see what else is available.

Are you excited to see fans inside MSG? Do you plan to attend any NBA games this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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