Online Bookies Took a Big Exhale After Tyson Fury Weathered Deontay Wilder’s Challenge

Fury Vs Wilder With Tyson Knocks Out Deontay

  • Online Sportsbooks BetUS and BetOnline needed Tyson Fury to win on Saturday night to avoid taking heavy losses.
  • 80% of the bets at both sportsbooks were written on Wilder with 90% of the money at BetUS and 51% of the handle at BetOnline were made on the Bronze Bomber.
  • The Caesars Sportsbook meanwhile had the opposite trends with 57% of their bets and 77% of the total betting handled wagered on Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury produced the biggest win of his career on Saturday night when he knocked out Deontay Wilder in Round 11 of their boxing world heavyweight title bout. But it wasn’t just Fury who celebrated a big victory on Saturday night as the best boxing betting sites also won big with the Gyspy King.

Online Sportsbooks BetUS and BetOnline breathed a sigh of relief after Fury won. The majority of the bettors at the two betting sites placed their wagers on the underdog Wilder who came at significant plus money odds. With Fury victorious, however, both sportsbooks ended up winning against their customers.

Big Exhale From the House

BetUS Eddie Matthews tweeted that the sportsbook got a big exhale after Fury finally put a tough Deontay Wilder. BetUS earlier said that their customers didn’t have faith in Tyson Fury as more than 80% of the bets and 90% of the betting money were wagered on Deontay Wilder at +230 odds.

Similarly, BetOnline’s Dave Mason said before the fight that their House is a huge fan of Tyson Fury on Saturday night. That’s because after the early betting action at the said sportsbook was dismal, the volume increased tremendously on fight day, and unfortunately for them, most of the late bets were made in favor of Wilder who came it at +250 at the gambling site.

BetOnline reported that 80% of the total betting tickets and 51% of the money were placed on Wilder (+250), meaning that if the Bronze Bomber won, the House would have lost +250 on a $100 bet on him while taking the other $100 bet on Fury or a net $150 loss per $100. However, a Fury win would create a loss of 33 for every $100 at +300 odds and a win of $100 which gives it a net gain of $67 per $100 bet. Now, translate that by the actual volume of bet received and you know why BetOnline was grinning from ear to ear after Fury’s win.

Big Balls Bets at Caesars Sportsbook

At BetMGM, 67% of the tickets and 60% of the money were wagered on Wilder. BetOnline shortened Wilder’s odds to +200 from their opening odds of +220 and a -210 odds on Saturday morning. Fury meanwhile, saw his odds move from -300 at the opening lines to -275 on Saturday morning and -250 right before they closed.

Caesars Sportsbook meanwhile, had different betting trends from BetUS and BetOnline. According to Caesars, 57% of their bets and 77% of the total betting handle at their betting site were made on Tyson Fury. With Fury’s odds floating around the -250 to -270 mark, the lowest among the top boxing betting sportsbook, Caesars received three big balls bets totaling $895,000.

The sportsbook tried to discourage Fury bettors by shortening his odds to -280 on fight day but by then, there were three Big Balls bets totaling $895,000 placed on Fury’s previous and longer odds. Those three bets ended up walking away with net winnings of $340,000 after Fury knocked out Wilder.

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