Pistons Favorite Bet to Make Playoffs, Lakers Top Wager to Miss it

Detroit Pistons And Los Angeles Lakers Background

  • According to the early betting results at BetMGM, the Detroit Pistons are the most bet team to make the playoffs while the Lakers are the most bet team to miss the postseason.
  • The Pistons ae a +2000 to make the playoffs this season.
  • Los Angeles is a +1400 to miss the postseason this year.

With the NBA’s 2021-22 season underway, it’s no longer too early to talk about the playoffs.

The playoff odds for the league’s 30 teams have been live since July and after three months, the best NBA sportsbooks have an idea of how the betting action is looking.

According to BetMGM, the Detroit Pistons are the most bet team TO MAKE the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers are the most bet team NOT TO MAKE the postseason:

Pistons Found New Pieces, Do They Have Their Star?

The Pistons are coming off back-to-back 20-win seasons and are currently pegged to win 25.5 games at the BetOnline App with the over and under both listed at -115. Detroit has missed the playoffs in 10 out of the 12 seasons, including the last two. They have made the playoffs only once in the last five years and were a +2000 to make the playoffs this season at the best NBA sportsbooks.

But although not much is expected of the Pistons, the plus money on them to make the postseason is one of the largest with only OKC and Orlando’s +2200 more tempting. Detroit went 2-2 during the preseason with wins over the San Antonio Spurs and Philadelphia 76ers. Save from a blowout loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, the Pistons didn’t look too bad during the preseason.

Detroit opens its 2021-22 campaign at home on Wednesday against the Chicago Bulls. The Pistons are currently listed as +5 point spread and +165 Moneyline underdogs against the new-look Bulls. Top pick Cade Cunningham won’t play in that game due to an ankle sprain but if Cunningham is the star they believe he is, Detroit backers are hoping that their team pulls off the major upset by making the playoffs. It’s a long shot but given the rewards, it’s worth the bet.

Lakers 0-6 in Preseason

Interestingly, the most bets to miss the playoffs are on the Los Angeles Lakers who have the second-shortest odds to win the NBA championship at +350. Los Angeles is also the odds on favorite to win the Western Conference at + 200 and the Pacific Division at -110. The Lakers are also a -5000 to make the playoffs but given that that they are a+1400 to miss it, the rewards are just as tempting as that of the Pistons making the playoffs.

The Lakers underwent a major overhaul during the offseason, returning only three players from the previous season’s roster. Los Angeles added the likes of Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Malik Monk, and Kendrick Nunn while also returning Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo. If Frank Vogel is able to make them play as a cohesive unit, there’s no question that the Lakers have the most talented team from top to bottom.

However, Los Angeles went 0-6 during the preseason and showed a lot of chemistry issues. Preseason records don’t matter though and the Lakers are expected to fix their problems when the games count. However, if the team gets off to a slow start, things could unfold differently. That’s what the BetMGM bettors are hoping but that remains to be seen.

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