Public Betting Heavy on the Unders for Remaining Week 14 NFL Games

Sunday Monday Over Under Public Betting

  • NFL unders have gone 109-83-2 this season and 9-5 in week 13.
  • 10 of 13 games at Caesars and 7 of 13 at BetMGM have the unders with majority of the tickets and handle.
  • The Rams at Chiefs total had the most significant movement at 51.5 to 48 at Caesars and 53-48 at BetMGM.

The under went 9-5 in Week 13 and is 109-83-2 or 56.8% in the 2021 NFL season. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when Caesars Sportsbook reported that the public has pounced on the under in the totals betting  of 10 out of the 13 games to be played on Sunday.

10 Unders Have Majority of Tickets and Dollars

According to the said sportsbook 10 of 13 games have the under having the majority of both bets and handle, including six where the unders picked up at least 90% of the total money wagered.

Among the 10 popular unders, the Falcons at Panthers game has the highest percentage of tickets and handle. The game is the only one in Week 14 to have at least 80% of the tickets on the under while its under betting handle of 99% is also the highest in any game this week. The total for that game is now 42 after opening at 43.5.

The under for the Raiders at Chiefs and Jaguars at Titans are tied with the second most handle at 95%. Meanwhile, the Seahawks at Texans are next at 93% followed by the Saints at Jets at 92%, and Giants at Chargers at 91%.

The total for the Raiders at Chiefs had the biggest movement since opening as it dropped from 51.5 to 48. Meanwhile, the Seahawks vs Texans have the lowest total for the week at 41 and they are followed by the Lions at Broncos and the previously mentioned Falcons at Panthers game.

NFL Week 14 Totals at BetMGM

On the other hand, only seven such games where the under has the majority of the tickets and handle are found at the online sportsbook BetMGM. The Under 41.5 for Falcons at Panthers game is one of them but it’s not the most popular under at the said sportsbook at just 56% of the tickets and 64% of the total betting handle.

The under 43 for Bears at Packers game has generated 63% of the betting tickets and 84% of the betting handle. Meanwhile, the under 43 for Giants at Chargers has 61% of the betting slips and 85% of the total money wagered. The only other unders to have a betting handle of at least 80% are the Cowboys at Washington at under 48 and Rams at Cardinals at under 51.5 with 80%.
As far as betting tickets are concerned, it’s the Bears at Packers game that has the most tickets at 63%. The only other unders to have more than 60% of the tickets are the Under 42.5 for Ravens at Browns at 62% of the betting slips, and the under 43 for the Giants at Chargers with 61% of the total betting tickets. As with Caesars Sportsbook, the total with the most significant movement is that of the Raiders at Chiefs which went down from 53 to 48.

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