Russell Westbrook Breaks Oscar Robertson’s All-Time Triple Double Record

Russel Westbrook Wizards Background

  • Russell Westbrook recorded the 182nd triple double of his career on Monday night, breaking Oscar Robertson’s all-time record.
  • The Wizards however, lost to the Atlanta Hawks 124-124 after Westbrook missed a game-winning three-pointer.
  • Washington’s odds to make the playoffs lengthened from +116 to 132 after Bradley Beal suffered an Achilles strain.

History was made in Atlanta on Monday night as Russell Westbrook passed Oscar Robertson for the most triple doubles in NBA history.

Robertson’s 181 career triple doubles stood as the norm since the 1961-62 NBA season and it looked like one of the records that would never be broken. But after Westbrook’s triple-double tear this season, breaking it had become an issue of when and not if.

Russ’ 182nd Triple Double

On Monday, Westbrook scored 28 points, grabbed 13 rebounds, and issued 21 assists to record his 182nd career triple double and his 36th of the season. The 2017 NBA MVP has produced a triple double in 26 out of his last 31 games. Monday’s triple double against Atlanta was his 5th triple double against the Hawks. Westbrook has at least five triple doubles against 23 out of the NBA’s 30 teams. Only two players have done it against 10 or more teams: Magic Johnson with 13 and Jason Kidd with 12.

Westbrook also owns the record for most triple-doubles in a single season with 42 during his MVP year. At the rate he is going right now, he could’ve broken that record too. However, with only 72 regular season games this season, Westbrook will come up short. But if we go by percentages, this season is even more impressive as Westbrook has produced a triple double in 59% of the games he played (36/60) as against 52.5% (42/80) during his MVP year.

Also on Monday, Westbrook joined Oscar Robertson, Gary Payton, and LeBron James as the only players in NBA history with 20,000+ career points and 8,000 plus career assists. He has also passed Robertson for the most seasons with 700+ rebounds and 700+ assists while also matching the Big O for third place in most seasons as the league’s triple-double leader with six.

Wizards Lose By a Point

While the night will be remembered in NBA history as the day when Russell Westbrook shattered an all-time record ( first time an all-time was broken since Ray Allen passed Reggie Miller in 2011), it was an anti-climatic ending because Russ missed a potential game-winner that would’ve put Washington closer to stealing the 8th seed. Now the Wizards are back to 10th place, but only by one-half game.

The problem for Washington and Westbrook is that Bradley Beal is expected to miss their next game against the Hawks on Wednesday night. Beal was a no-go on Monday with a hamstring strain and has been declared to miss Wednesday’s game before getting re-evaluated on Friday. Without Beal, Westbrook will carry the load once again. Hopefully, the Wizards’ defense does better after the Hawks took 15 more free throws and mad 14 more than Washington.

The Wizards odds to make the playoffs dropped from +116 to +132 at DraftKings after Beal was declared out for their next two games. But was we saw on Monday night, there is no quit in this Washington team. For as long as Russell Westbrook is on the floor, the Wizards are a tough out for any team in the league.

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