Ryan Garcia’s Feud With De La Hoya Continues

Ryan Garcia

  • Ryan Garcia is 20-0 in his career with 17 knockouts.
  • He recently signed a new deal with Golden Boy Promotions. 
  • Ryan Garcia’s feud with Oscar De La Hoya is now being made public. 

The sport of boxing is in a better place now than it’s been in years. A huge number of superstars are beginning to emerge, perhaps none quite as quickly as Ryan Garcia. Today, we’re going to look at what’s led to Ryan Garcia’s feud with Golden Boy CEO, Oscar De La Hoya.

It’s not uncommon for boxers and promoters to clash. Some, however, were surprised to see these two men verbally sparring. Here’s what we know about this situation.

Questions Linger Over Garcia’s New Deal with Golden Boy Promotions

There are several big promoters in boxing right now. Golden Boy Promotions is unquestionably one of the biggest. The Oscar De La Hoya-run company has several of the sport’s top athletes already signed. That includes Ryan Garcia.

Over the past year, several analysts have speculated that Ryan Garcia may end up moving to a new promotional team. He’s just 21 years old, yet continues to look for the biggest possible purses. It seemed as if Golden Boy was unable to match some of the other offers creeping around.

Eventually, news broke that Garcia had, in fact, decided to remain a Golden Boy-signed boxer. He told his social media followers that he’d signed one the “most lucrative boxing deals for a prospect in the history of the sport.” Specific details of this new deal were never released.

It’s clear that Garcia has a huge following. He’s taken to social media in a way that most other young boxers fail to do. He’s also worked with some of the top social media stars in the country over the past 12 months, helping to boost his following even more. Garcia is even calling for bouts with UFC fighters, attracting the attention of fans from a completely different sport.

No one knows what exactly the new deal with Golden Boy Promotions means for Ryan Garcia and his future. Hope is that it leads to bigger fights and fight purses. Unfortunately, it appears the two parties might not be the best terms right now.

Ryan Garcia’s Feud With Oscar De La Hoya Goes On

For a time, it looked like Ryan Garcia was extremely happy with his decision to remain with Golden Boy Promotions. That idea seems to be changing. Garcia was expected to headline the promotion’s first event back since the sports shutdown in March.

Garcia and his management team were not happy with the deals of this fight. Eventually, Ryan decided to turn down the bout altogether. This didn’t sit well with Oscar De La Hoya, who took to social media to express his frustration.


It’s usually not a great idea for a promoter to publicly bash his own fighter. Historically speaking, this leads to long feuds. We’re seeing a little bit of that right now with Dana White and several of the top fighters in MMA.

Ryan Garcia’s feud with De La Hoya is just getting started. He responded on his own social media account directly to Oscar.

“You do realize you’re supposed to be my promoter not hater right?” Garcia said.

It’s an unusual situation. No one knows exactly what Ryan was initially promised for his next bout. Officials within Golden Boy point to the fact that there’s no crowd and an increased cost of fighter medical testing right now.

Hopefully, this verbal sparring ends soon. Garcia is one of the most exciting young prospects in boxing and just about everyone wants to see him compete again.

Vergil Ortiz Likely to Headline Golden Boy’s Return Card

As we already mentioned, Ryan Garcia was expected to fight in the main event of Golden Boy’s upcoming fight card. Now, it appears that is no longer the case. Oscar De La Hoya revealed that Vergil Ortiz, another exciting young prospect, will lead this event instead.

That’s a suitable replacement on many levels. Ortiz is just 22 years old, yet he’s already accumulated a 22-0 record with impressive wins over several top fighters including Brad Soloman and Roberto Ortiz. As of now, it’s not entirely clear who Vergil will compete against.

We’re likely to hear more about this in the next few weeks. Hopefully, fans are also given information about Canelo Alvarez’s next bout. Most consider Canelo the top pound-for-pound boxer in the world right now.

Some feel that we’ll see Canelo vs. GGG 3 sometime this year. This is one of the biggest possible boxing fights to make right now. The previous two encounters between these men have been extremely competitive and the third is likely to be the same.

Ryan Garcia’s feud with Golden Boy is public right now. Behind the scenes, these parties are likely meeting to come up with some kind of an agreement. We’ll be sure to report on who Garcia is set to fight next once it’s announced.

Are you excited to see Ryan Garcia return? Will he remain with Golden Boy Promotions for much longer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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