Sixers Now Favored to Keep Simmons At Start of Season

Ben Simmons With Philadelphia 76ers Background

  • The Sixers are now the +200 odds on favorite to be the team that Ben Simmons plays Game 1 of the 2021/22 NBA season with.
  • Simmons however is a -700 betting favorite to to show up for training camp.
  • Philadelphia has the 6th best odds to win the 2022 NBA championship at +1800.

From the moment he passed on a wide open dunk for a pass to Matisse Thybulle with four minutes to go in the 4th quarter of Game 7 of the Sixers’ second round series against the Atlanta Hawks, Ben Simmons’ exit from Philadelphia was inevitable.

Since that Game 7 loss, Simmons has been linked to several teams, with online sportsbook BetOnline even including the Shanghai Sharks as a longshot 20/1 to become the Aussie’s next team.

But with the Sixers very choosy, and the regular season just around the corner, internet bookmaker Bovada has changed the tone of its Ben Simmons’ odds board by including the Sixers in the mix:

According to Bovada, the Sixers are now the + 200 odds on favorite to be the team where Simmons plays Game 1 of the 2021/22 regular season. The Minnesota Timberwolves, who were second to the Blazers in previous odds boards are second behind the Sixers at +300 while the Blazers are now in third spot at +400. The Sacramento Kings are in 4th place at +500 while the Cleveland Cavaliers at +800 are the last team with odds less than +1000.

Simmons Wants Out

Make no mistake though that Simmons wants out. It’s just that Bovada thinks that the Sixers can’t find an equitable deal before the start of the 2021/22 season on October 19th.

The Sixers met with Simmons in August and they told him they couldn’t find a deal for him in the hopes of them settling their differences. But Simmons rejected the Sixers’ peace offering and told them that “it’s not his job to fix his trade value” while insisting that he wants out and that he will not be reporting to training camp.

Despite facing the possibility of a reported $1.3M fine for skipping training camp, Simmons’ camp has said that the Aussie guard is prepared to pay the penalty for a no-show. If you think that Ben is bluffing, BetOnline says that Simmons is a -700 betting favorite NOT to report to the Sixers training camp. Seriously.

Sixers Don’t Need the Distraction

But while Simmons seems prepared to hold out right now, the Sixers don’t need the distraction that his presence or absence brings to the team to start the year. Philly is among the preseason favorites to compete for the Eastern Conference and NBA championship next season.

Philadelphia has the third best odds to win the Eastern Conference at +850 with only the preseason championship odds on favorites Brooklyn Nets (+110) and defending champions Milwaukee Bucks (+425) ahead of them in the latest betting boards. The Sixers also have the 6th best odd to win the NBA title at +1800 and they are a massive -2000 to make the playoffs.

Even without Simmons, the Sixers have a terrific core led by All-Sta center Joel Embiid who is expected to figure prominently in the MVP race. Embiid is currently tied with Kevin Durant with the 4th best odds to win 2022 NBA MVP honors at +850, trailing only Luka Doncic (+450), Stephen Curry (+700), and Giannis Antetokounmpo (+850).

The Sixers have made it to the playoffs four straight times beginning the year Simmons won Rookie of the Year honors. However, they have not been able to get past the second round of the playoffs. If they want to get past that hump, they need to fix this issue and move forward. It may not be Game 1 of the 2021/22 season but it needs to be ASAP.

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