Sportsbooks Still Backing Bucs Despite Loss to Rams

Tom Brady With Buccaneers And Rams Background

  • Buccaneers still favorites as Stafford, Rams make move
  • Sportsbooks still list 49ers as a solid suitor to LA
  • Murray, Cardinals ascending in MVP, team futures.

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matt Stafford threw for 343 yards and four touchdowns as the Rams ran to a 34-24 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Sofi Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Despite the loss, the Buccaneers have moved past the 1-2 Kansas City Chiefs as the Super Bowl LVI favorite in laying (+550) odds while the Chiefs slipped to (+650) with their 30-24 home loss to the LA Chargers on Sunday.

Other oddsmakers had the Bucs and Chiefs even at (+600) each after both of their losses on Sunday.

Last week, Kansas City checked in at (+450) as the Buccaneers were nursing a (+500) number.

Please Note:
Tampa Bay picked up the favorite’s role despite only 35 yards rushing and three injuries to the top five defensive backs in their secondary.

Tom Brady passed for 432 yards in completing 41 of 55 passes and he led the Bucs rushing attack with 14 yards on three carries.

You Herd in Here

The Rams have taken over as a solid favorite in the NFC West as they have jetted to 3-0 and are tied with the Arizona Cardinals atop the NFC West.

  • Los Angeles is now posting odds at (+100) to win the division with the 49ers in second at (+275) while the Cardinals are laying odds now at (+400) and Seattle at (+650).
  • The 49ers took a small dive as they trailed Green Bay almost wire-to-wire on Sunday night, but took a 28-27 lead with Kyle Juszczyk catching a TD pass from Jimmy Garoppolo with 37 seconds remaining.
  • The Packers’ Mason Crosby hit a 51-yard field goal as time expired for to hand the Niners a 30-28 setback.

Most NFL sportsbooks had the 49ers posting (+200) odds last week to win the NFC West after their win over the Eagles. At the beginning of the season they were almost even with the Rams as San Francisco began at (+175) with Los Angeles netting (+190) odds.

Hoofing Forward

Los Angeles solidified a solid (+400) to win the NFC Championship, but sportsbooks wouldn’t relent on the Buccaneers.

The Bucs are now at a (+250) to repeat their Super Bowl appearance.

The 49ers and Packers are both tied in the third spot as of now with (+700) odds to win the NFC Championship

Last week:
The Rams were around (+650) while the Buccaneers were on top of the odds board at (+260). After the win yesterday and with the Rams’ climb, sportsbooks were showing really solid confidence in the Rams, but not waning on the Buccaneers.

New Orleans made some movement in ascending to (+1400) after plating around (+1600) odds last week, The Saints took a solid 28-13 win at New England yesterday in what took on the guise of a defensive battle.

The biggest fade in the NFC right now has to be Seattle as the Seahawks (+1600) have dropped two in a row after the 30-17 loss at Minnesota. The Vikings scored 23 unanswered points after Chris Carson scored on a 30-yard run to give the ‘Hawks a 17-7 lead midway through the third quarter.

After they blew a fourth-quarter lead last week in a 33-30 loss to the Titans, the Seahawks checked in at (+1000).

Please Note:
Tampa Bay is still the favorite to win the Super Bowl as the Buccaneers are sitting at (+550) odds with the Chiefs at (+650).

Buffalo, with its 43-21 whipping of the Washington Football Team, has a (+700) number while the Rams are at (+800).

Cardinal Rules

In Greek mythology, it’s the Phoenix that rose from the ashes to garner power, strength and intelligence. It’s the Cardinals in that Phoenix suburb of Glendale, who have risen to 3-0 and are posting (+400) odds to win the NFC West while catching (+1600) to win the NFC.

The Cardinals were last in odds to win the NFC West last week as they were at a (+475) while on some online sportsbooks the Niners and Rams were at (+190) with the Seahawks check-in at (+275). The 31-19 win in Jacksonville on Sunday adjusted the Cardinals’ numbers as they now have odds at (-125) to make the playoffs.

MVP Talk

There has become a log jam as some oddsmakers had Tom Brady, Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray and Matthew Stafford are all tied at (+800) with Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert posting (+900) as of this morning.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray posted (+500) with the Rams’ Matt Stafford (+650), Bucs QB Tom Brady (+800), Kansas City’s Pat Mahomes (+850) and Buffalo’s Josh Allen (+900) rounded out the top five. Murray was shown at a (+550) in some places with Mahomes and Stafford maintaining the (+800).

Last week, Murray flew into the MVP conversation as he posted as low was (+550) on some MVP boards after starting at around (+2500) when the season began.

Please Note:
He did nothing to deter the oddsmakers on Sunday as he completed 28 of 34 passes for 316 yards in the win over the Jaguars.

Stafford’s afternoon in the win over the Buccaneers has shown his consistency as he is following suit after posting at (+1200) odds last week.

Brady sat at (+750) last week and the afternoon was incredible with the 432 yards, but it was the Bucs’ defense that gave up four straight drives where Stafford threw a touchdown pass en route to the 34-24 win for the Rams.

Mahomes was still the leader last week at (+550) but threw for 260 yards with three TDs and two interceptions while posting a QB rating of 81.6 in yesterday’s loss to the Chargers. Allen reannounced himself into the race after the tough Week 1 loss to the Steelers. Last week, some sportsbooks posted him at (+1400).

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