Super Bowl Coin Toss Curse Strikes Again at Super Bowl LVI

  • The Super Bowl Coin Toss Curse Struck Again at Super Bowl LVI last Sunday.
  • Matthew Stafford called tails but the Billie Jean King Super Bowl Coin Toss went heads, meaning the Cincinnati Bengals won the coin toss.
  • Of course, Cincinnati went on to lose the game 23-20 and become the 8th straight team to lose the Super Bowl after winning the coin toss.

The Super Bowl coin toss has become one of the most anticipated parts of the game itself. But while it’s become a tradition, it’s also has a superstitious past.

59% of the total betting tickets and 58% of the total betting handle on the coin toss prop bet were made on “Tail”. L.A. Rams’ QB Matthew Stafford also called tails during the coin toss. However, the Billie Jean King coin toss went heads and the Bengals won the toss. Cincinnati went on to lose the game 23-20, becoming the 8th consecutive coin toss winner to lose the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Curse Began at SB XLIX

The Super Bowl coin toss curse began at Super Bowl XLIX and since then, it has claimed all the coin toss winners Regardless of who the betting favorite is, who the home team is, what the call on the coin flip was, the curse has shown no mercy to any team. Whoever wins the coin toss, loses the game. No ifs and buts.

At Super Bowl XLIX, it was the New England Patriots who made the call and they picked heads. Tails won and the Seattle Seahawks went on to lose the game 28-24. Of course, you can say that it was Russell Wilson’s 1-yard goal-line interception with 23 seconds left in the game that caused Seattle to lose the game. Looking back, perhaps it was meant to be because it was the birth of the coin toss curse.

Before Super Bowl XLIX, the winner of the coin toss had a 50% chance of winning the Super Bowl at 24-24. Entering Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI, the coin toss winner is 24-31 all-time. Last season, Kansas City called heads and won the toss. They ended up getting wallopped by Tom Brady and the Buccaneers 31-9. The Chiefs were -175 betting favorites to win the game.

Billie Jean King Coin Toss

At Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI, tennis legend Billie Jean King was bestowed the honor to do the coin toss to commemorate the 50th anniversary of sports gender equality legislation Title IX. The Rams, being the away team, called tails via Matthew Stafford. The Billie Jean King toss went heads, meaning the Bengals won. Cincinnati opted to defer, giving the Rams the first crack on offense.

Entering the 4th quarter, it looked like Cincinnati would break the curse as both teams struggled on offense at the start of the final period with the Bengals up 20-16. However, the Rams drove 79 yards in the final two minutes of the game and aided with several defensive penalties from the Bengals, they scored on a 1-yard TD pass from Stafford to Cooper Kupp for the 23-20 lead. On the Bengals’ ensuing play, Aaron Donald forced a wayward pass from Joe Burrow on 4th and down to seal the title.

Sure, the Bengals covered the betting spread, which was between +3.5 to +4.5 points, depending on which of the top NFL sportsbooks you were looking at. But while Cincinnati’s spread bettors got the win, the Bengals lost a game where the Lombardi Trophy was already in their reach. Sure, the Rams got the breaks of the game. But then again, the Bengals are the latest victim of the Super Bowl coin toss curse.

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