Super Bowl LV Coin Toss Betting is Surging Right Now

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  • Super Bowl LV takes place on February 7 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 
  • Online betting on this year’s championship game is increasing right now. 
  • Many US sportsbooks are now reporting a new surge of Super Bowl LV coin toss betting. 

Only a few days remain until Super Bowl Sunday! Sports betting companies around the United States are beginning to see a surge of different wagers being placed on the big game. New reports claim that Super Bowl LV coin toss betting is growing more popular right now.

There are some fantastic prop bets being offered on this year’s Super Bowl. Today, we’ll talk about why so many are choosing to wager on the coin toss. We’ll also look at some of the other betting options available on this game.

Let’s get into it!

All Eyes Are on the Quarterbacks This Sunday

The road to Super Bowl LV was a long and difficult one. Every team competing throughout the 2020/2021 NFL season was forced to deal with challenges. As the season progressed, it became clear that the Kansas City Chiefs were the team to keep an eye on.

The Chiefs looked almost perfect throughout the regular season. They then dominated through the playoffs and won the AFC championship against the Buffalo Bills. The majority of online Super Bowl betting sites now list Kansas City as the favorites in this bout.

Tampa Bay had a slightly more difficult road to the Super Bowl. The Tom Brady-led team went just 11-5 during the regular season and many wrote them off as any kind of Super Bowl contender. They entered the playoffs as a Wild Card team but turned things around with three incredible wins to earn a spot in Super Bowl 55.

Even at 43 years old, Tom Brady is at the highest level of the sport. He is showing a unique ability to adapt on the field. If he can use that experience advantage this Sunday, there’s a good chance the Buccaneers will end up getting the victory.

Patrick Mahomes won’t let that happen easily. He’s considered one of the brightest young stars in football and has an extremely well-rounded skill set as a quarterback. His performances were instrumental in getting Kansas City to the spot they sit in now.

Fans and analysts are now busy predicting how these two quarterbacks will match up against one another. Most agree this will be an exciting, competitive game.

Sportsbooks Report a Surge in Super Bowl LV Coin Toss Betting

This year’s NFL season has been one of the most-watched in recent history. Many fans have been astounded to see how the league has managed to put things together despite all the difficulties. Obviously, Super Bowl LV is expected to be one of the most-watched championship games in recent history, too.

Many football fans are now flocking to different online sportsbooks to make their bets on the big game. The majority of these fans are choosing to make simple moneyline bets. That means a wager on which team will end up winning the game.

Some, however, prefer more unusual prop betting options. There are some fantastic internet sportsbooks out there offering a wide range of amazing prop bets on Super Bowl LV. Many of the land-based sportsbooks around the country are offering them, too.

New reports claim that sports betting companies are seeing a surge of Super Bowl LV coin toss betting right now. This is simply a bet on whether or not the opening game coin toss will be heads or tails. It’s often a fun bet with hardcore fans but this year it seems to be more popular than ever.

Sports betting companies around the US are seeing more bets on the Super Bowl 55 coin toss. Half the fans will be banking on the old saying, “tails never fails.” Others will be hoping to see heads face up on the field.

This is just one of the amazing prop betting options available on the big game. Now is a great time to look at some of the others!

Top Online Prop Bets Available for Super Bowl 55

Normally, land-based sportsbooks see a huge surge of wagers on the Super Bowl. This year may be a little different, though. Many retail sportsbooks remain closed around the country and most football fans are now choosing to place their bets online, rather than in-person.

Sites like Bovada are now seeing a huge surge of bets on the upcoming Super Bowl. Moneyline bets are flowing in every day. More are now checking out the incredible prop bets available through Bovada, as well.

Perhaps the most popular Super Bowl LV prop bet is on which player will be named Super Bowl MVP. Patrick Mahomes comes in as the favorite with odds of -120. Tom Brady is next with odds of +200. Some of those willing to risk some money are taking Devin White to earn the MVP award with odds of +3000.

There are even prop bets available on the halftime performance this year. Odds that more than 8 songs will be played during the halftime show are set at -210. The odds for less than 8 songs to be played are currently set at +155.

It’s amazing to see how many different Super Bowl betting options are available online. There are still new ones popping up every day. Head over to Bovada today to see all of the fun wagering options being offered right now.

Are you surprised to see how popular Super Bowl LV coin toss betting is? Do you plan to bet on the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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