Tom Brady’s Advice to the Bucs: “Temper Your Emotions”

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  • According to Chris Godwin, the best advice that Tom Brady has given the team heading to Super Bowl LV is to “temper their emotions”.
  • Brady will be the most experienced player on the field on Super Bowl Sunday with an unprecedented 10 Super Bowl appearances.
  • The 43-year old is ranked next to Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl LV MVP oddsboard at +240.

With five days to go before Super Bowl LV, the teams are in the thick of their preparations for Sunday’s finale.

For the New England Patriots, the Super Bowl will be an entirely new experience. That’s because prior to this season, the last time this team was in the playoffs was in 2007 and their last playoff win was in 2003 when they won it all.

Luckily for the Buccaneers, they have six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady on their side. With his unmatched playoff and Super Bowl experience, Brady will be someone that the Kansas City Chiefs don’t have on their side. Given his teammates’ lack of playoff and championship experience, it is expected that Brady would impart words of wisdom to his teammates before the big game.

Brady’s Advice

In a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL radio hosts Charlie Weis and Shae Peppler. Tampa Bay no. 2 receiver Chris Godwin said that the biggest thing that Brady has been mentioning to the team during the lead up to Super Bowl Sunday is “tempering their emotions”.

With most of the players of the Buccaneers playing in their first ever Super Bowl, it’s important that they keep their emotions in check. Given the gravity and excitement of the moment, the Bucs could easily get too excited that their energy could cause a negative effect to their performance in the game.

Keeping their emotions in check will be one of the keys to winning for Tampa Bay, especially against the Chiefs. During their first and only meeting of the season, Kansas City raced to an early 17-0 lead and never looked back. Brady and company finished strong but ended up losing 27-24. If they can keep up with the Chiefs in the early stages of Super Bowl LV, the Bucs have a chance of pulling off the upset.

The Bucs are currently just 3 to 3.5 point betting underdogs depending on which of the best Super Bowl betting sites you use. That’s roughly just a field goal. And considering their only 2020 regular season meeting was decided by a field goal, it’s not wrong to expect a close game on Sunday. And we know how dangerous Tom Brady’s experience can be during close games.

Most Experienced Player on the Field

Three-quarters of the Kansas City roster has playoff experience and more than half could see action in a second consecutive Super Bowl. But as far as playing in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady stands as the most experienced player on the field on Sunday.

No other NFL player has come close to matching Brady’s 10 Super Bowl appearances, Former Bills defensive lineman Mike Lodish and Titans kicker Stephen Gostkowski each have six. As far as quarterbacks as concerned, John Elway is the closest with 5 appearances. Brady’s six Super Bowl rings are also more than any other player in the history of the NFL. He has also won more Super Bowl MVP awards (4) than anyone else in history.

The best Super Bowl betting sites have placed Brady next to Patrick Mahomes in the current oddsboard to win Super Bowl LV MVP honors. Mahomes, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, is the odds on favorite at -115. Brady is at +240 at BetOnline but the mere fact that he is next to Mahomes in the oddsboard is proof that the Bucs have a legit chance of winning the Lombardi Trophy.

Of course, Tom Brady is just one player and it takes a team to win the Super Bowl. But remember that Tampa Bay was 7-9 before Tom Brady arrived. They went 11-5 this season and have reached the Super Bowl after beating the Saints and Packers in consecutive road games.

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