Victor Oladipo Plans to Sit out Playoffs in Orlando

With the NBA eyeing their playoff set up in Orlando, Victor Oladipo has been the most recent player to announce that he plans to sit out the playoff makeup. Victor Oladipo ruptured his quad tendon in his right knee on January 23 of 2019.

Oladipo announced that he believes that sitting out the playoffs is the best way to finish up his rehab to be back to 100% for the 2020-2021 season. He was reportedly never at 100% during his return during the season and with the COVID-19 break, he wants to avoid reinjuring or making the quad tendon worse. Oladipo will still reportedly travel with the Indiana Pacers to Orlando.

Oladipo was able to make his return before the season was brought to a halt by COVID-19. Oladipo appeared in 13 games, averaging 13.8 points per game. Oladipo was able to put up a strong performance in his last game before the season ended, finishing with 27 points.

Oladipo played a key role for Indiana in the 2018-2019 season before he went down with injury. He was averaging 19 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5 assists per game to help the Pacers get in good position for a playoff spot.

What Oladipo Sitting Out Means for the Pacers

Indiana ended the season with a record of 39-26 when it came to a halt on March 11. The Pacers are currently tied for fifth place in the Eastern Conference with the Philadelphia 76ers. Indiana is two games behind the Miami Heat for the fourth place spot in the East and four and a half games behind the Boston Celtics.

The Pacers went 7-6 when Oladipo returned to the lineup. Orlando was already on a nice route to the playoffs while Oladipo sat out, but he added a strong force to the lineup that helped propel them a bit more. Oladipo was starting to pick up his game as he got more time in the lineup and would have been a nice addition in Orlando.

TJ Warren was having a nice campaign for the Pacers before the season halted. He was averaging around 18.5 points per game. Domantas Sabonis averaged 18.5 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. Myles Turner and Doug McDermott were both averaging over 10 points per game this season as well.

Malcolm Brogdon was having a strong season for Indiana, averaging 16.5 points and 7 assists per game. Brogdon was reportedly one of the players to test positive for COVID-19 and he has yet to announce if that will affect his decision to participate in Orlando. The Pacers are also without Jeremy Lamb for the season.

How This Affects Indiana’s Odds

With Oladipo sitting out on the playoffs, the Pacers are now at +4000 to win the Eastern Conference and +12500 to win the NBA finals. This puts Indiana behind Miami, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston and Milwaukee to win the East. The Pacers were doing solid this season while Oladipo was still out, but he is one of those players that could change a series around.

In the picture of winning the NBA finals, Indiana is quite a way down there. The Pacers are only ahead of Memphis, Brooklyn, Orlando, Sacramento, San Antonio, Phoenix and Washington to win it all. Indiana will have a struggle to make a deep run without Oladipo in the lineup, which is why they have dropped in odds.

The Pacers are still seeing solid depth production this season. With Oladipo sitting out all but 13 games, this should not affect their game planning too much. Indiana will still wait to see if Brogdon also sits out on the playoffs, which could really continue to make or break their lineup for the run ahead of them.

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