We’ll Officially See Paige VanZant in BKFC This February!

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  • Paige VanZant officially signed with the Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship in August of 2020. 
  • The BKFC is set to host its first event of 2021 on February 5. 
  • Fans will finally get to see Paige VanZant in BKFC on this event.

Back in August, news broke that Paige VanZant had decided to transition away from the sport of MMA in order to move into bare-knuckle boxing. Since that time, officials within the BKFC have been quiet about her debut with the organization. Today, news finally broke that fans will get to see Paige VanZant in BKFC.

Bare-knuckle boxing is still seen as a sort of fringe combat sport. It’s grown in recent years, however, and currently has a large fanbase around the country. Now is a great time to talk about Paige VanZant’s debut in this new fighting league.

Let’s get into it!

BKFC’s First Event of 2021 is Scheduled for February 5

Our team has constantly been reporting on the growth of combat sports over the past year. Much of this is due to the UFC becoming the first major US sports league to resume its operations after the shutdowns back in March. For months, it was the only real sport taking place live for fans to watch.

As time went on, more people became interested in the fighters competing in the UFC. The promotion worked hard to put on massive shows. It even began hosting events in Abu Dhabi to accommodate many of the international fighters on the roster.

Bare-knuckle boxing grew more popular last year, too. The promotion managed to put on five events over the course of the year. Thanks to a new online streaming service, the BKFC saw its viewership numbers skyrocket with each new event.

Many fans began heading to sites like BetOnline to wager on each of the BKFC shows taking place this year. These fights offered bettors some fantastic opportunities to win big. Some even feel BKFC betting is better than wagering on traditional boxing matches.

President Dave Feldman is now looking ahead to operations in 2021. It’s expected to be a massive year for the developing fight promotion. There are now a huge number of world-class fighters signed to BKFC. The first event is slated to take place on February 5!

We’re finally starting to hear about the promotion’s first show of the year. It’s set to feature one of BKFC’s most exciting new signees.

Here’s What to Expect With Paige VanZant in BKFC

Paige VanZant burst onto the UFC scene back in November of 2014. To the surprise of some fans, she quickly racked up a 3-0 record with the promotion. Over the next five years, she alternated wins and losses and ended her time in the UFC with a 5-4 record.

It became clear that Paige would sign with a different promotion. Most fans expected her to make the move over to Bellator MMA. News then broke that she had signed a multi-fight deal with BKFC. Fans then began asking when her debut would take place.

It appears we now have an answer! This week, Dave Feldman revealed that we’ll finally see Paige VanZant competing on February 5 against Britain Hart. This fight will serve as the main event of this “Knucklemania” fight card.

“We want to separate one card for the year and make it really special,” Feldman said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “We have some great fights and big names, and we think we’re going to get a ton of attention from this one. Britain’s a real tough girl – she’s skilled, but she’s not the best technical boxer in the world. “Paige isn’t going to have to chase her down. It’s going to be competitive, but I think it’s going to be a good opponent choice for Paige on her first event.”

It’s an intriguing matchup. Some felt that Feldman would immediately push for the fight between Paige and current BKFC champion Bec Rawlings. These two fought in MMA back in 2016 with VanZant winning via knockout in the second round.

Britain Hart will have the opportunity to make a name off Paige VanZant. Paige has the chance to establish herself as one of BKFC’s biggest draws. We’ll be sure to offer more information on the betting odds for this bout as soon as it is announced!

There’s Still Time to Bet on UFC 257 Online

The popularity of MMA is at an all-time high right now. The UFC clearly recognizes this fact. The promotion is set to hold three amazing events this month on Fight Island. The biggest is without a doubt UFC 257 featuring a main event between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

This is a massive fight for the sport. McGregor remains one of the biggest combat sports athletes on the planet. He’s facing an extremely tough test in Poirier. As you might expect, many are interested in wagering on this lightweight clash.

Conor McGregor comes into this fight as the -275 favorite. He already holds a knockout win over Dustin dating back to 2014. His team seems to feel he will do it again and the oddsmakers agree.

Dustin Poirier has only lost once since 2016. He’s one of the best fighters in the UFC and seems to get better every single time he competes. BetOnline currently lists Dustin as the +235 underdog in this matchup.

There are many other fight promotions scheduled to host events over the next few months. It’s now clear that we’ll see Paige VanZant in BKFC this February. It will be fascinating to see how she looks in this new sport.

Are you excited to see VanZant competing in bare-knuckle boxing? Do you think she will win her fight against Britain Hart? Let us know in the comments section below!

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