Will We See Rob Gronkowski Boxing in the Future?

Gronk Potential Boxing Career

  • Celebrity boxing has been steadily growing more popular over the past couple of years.
  • Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather are set to compete in the boxing ring on June 6.
  • Reports indicate fans could see Rob Gronkowski boxing after his career in the NFL comes to an end. 

The world of celebrity boxing is growing every single month. Many of the biggest sports stars in the world have recently begun expressing an interest in making the move into combat sports. This week, news broke that we could see Rob Gronkowski boxing in the future.

This is interesting news for fans of Gronk to hear. Many would likely tune in to see him step into the boxing ring. Now is a great time to talk about what might lead to the football star transitioning into this new sport.

Let’s get into it!

2021 is the Year for Celebrity Boxing Matches

Many boxing fans believe that the sport is in a new sort of golden age. There are a huge number of truly elite boxers competing across every weight division. Fans have already been treated to some incredible bouts over the past couple of months.

Recently, however, there has also been a steady rise in the popularity of celebrity boxing. Thanks to the Paul brothers, these unusual novelty bouts are generating a huge amount of fan interest from people around the world. Jake Paul’s bout against Ben Askren ended up generating a staggering amount of Pay-Per-View buys.

On June 6, Logan Paul will be competing in the ring against Floyd Mayweather. Paul is larger than Floyd, yet he has a massive experience disadvantage heading into this fight. Floyd Mayweather is one of the most skilled fighters of all-time and all online sports betting sites list him as the massive favorite heading into this fight.

More celebrities are set to compete in the ring over the next few months. Former NBA player Lamar Odom is set to fight on June 12. He hasn’t looked great in training footage, yet some are still curious to see how he will fare in the ring.

Not all boxing fans are interested in seeing these types of celebrity fights. They are generating views, however, and will likely continue as long as they do so. We will see more of these celebrity boxing matches taking place over the next few months.

It now appears we could see another sports star making the move into boxing. Here’s what we know about this situation!

Here’s What We Know About Rob Gronkowski Boxing in the Future

It takes a lot for a combat sports athlete to find success. Boxing and MMA are extremely difficult sports. Generally, athletes that come from other sports such as football or basketball struggle to find any real success in the fight game.

That doesn’t stop some athletes from making the move into combat sports. There is a certain allure to the fighting world and some want a piece of the glory. This seems to be more common over the past couple of years.

This week, reports surfaced that claimed we could see Rob Gronkowski boxing in the future. The multiple-time Super Bowl winner expressed a desire to fight during a recent media interview. You can check out some of his comments below.

“I feel like I would have interest in it for sure when I’m done playing football, because being football is just so competitive, that can actually keep my competitive spirits going for sure,” Rob said. “But I would have to have that urge, you know, to do it and that will to do it too ’cause that’s serious. It’s not like you can do it overnight, that’s some serious training. That’s months and months and months of work. Months of training your brain, your body with all those counter movements, all those different types of movements with your body.”

Rob Gronkowski is one of the most popular football players in the world. A huge number of people would likely tune in to see him compete in the squared circle. Whether or not Gronk will ever decide to actually fight is unknown.

Money talks in the fighting world. The upcoming bout between Mayweather and Paul will likely generate some serious revenue. Here’s a quick update on this exciting bout.

Mayweather vs. Paul Continues to Heat Up

Floyd Mayweather is widely considered to be one of the greatest professional boxers of all-time. He went 50-0 during his career and recorded wins over some truly legendary fighters. Floyd retired from the professional game in 2017 but has competed in a few exhibition matches since that time.

On June 6, Mayweather will compete in another exciting exhibition fight against Logan Paul. It’s one of the more unusual fights to come together in recent memory. There seems to be some real bad blood now brewing between these men.

Jake Paul is partly to blame for this feud. After the Mayweather-Paul press conference, Jake ignited a brawl between the two teams. It seems he was hoping to set up his own fight against Floyd in the future.

BetOnline is the best site available to bet on this entire event. At the moment, Mayweather is listed as the -1400 favorite. Logan Paul is listed as the +650 underdog in this bout and will need a miracle to get the win over Floyd.

Expect to see more celebrity boxing matches taking place in the near future. The sport of boxing seems to be changing all the time. We’ll be sure to report more on these bouts over the next couple of months!

Would you be interested in seeing Rob Gronkowski boxing? How do you think he would fare in the ring? Let us know in the comments section below!

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