2011 NFL Betting Odds Released

With the potential lockout all figured out and NFL teams starting up their training camps, most online sportsbooks have released their Super Bowl odds, season win totals, and a variety of other prop bets for bettors to get some early action on.  The free agent frenzy has caused some big line movement in a few categories, including moving the Philadelphia Eagles into Super Bowl favorites (along with the Patriots and Packers) at BetOnline.com.  Lets take a look at where some of these NFL betting odds are sitting as we get closer to the preseason.


Super Bowl 46 Odds

Like mentioned, the top three teams favored to win this years Super Bowl are the Patriots, Packers, and Eagles, whom are all sitting at +600.  I’m not to sure the Packers can complete the tough task of repeating as NFL Champions, and I’m not sure if I like the Patriots at these odds.  The Philadelphia Eagles are an interesting team, and are being referred to as the Miami Heat of the NFL.  I’m not quite sure I would take offense to that, considering the Heat did play for an NBA Championship, and I am sure the Eagles would love be playing on the big stage come February.  The Eagles might be my favorite bet of the three favorites.

The Colts and Steelers are sitting at +1000, while the Falcons, Saints and Jets are at +1200. Not far behind is Baltimore and San Diego at +1500 odds.  From these elite group of “mid runners” you have to take a long hard look at the Falcons, who are coming off a solid season where they lost in the divisional playoffs to the Packers, and the New York Jets who had played in a Conference Championship game for the second straight season.

I’ve haven’t placed any Super Bowl futures yet, and I am not quite sure I will (unless I find some value).  But if you want to follow my picks for this season be sure to bookmark NFLBettingPicks.org, as I will be giving weekly betting picks for this years NFL games.

Odds To Win Division

Next lets take a look at some interesting odds set on teams to win their divisions.  No surprise to see the Patriots (-140) and Jets (+150) a top of the AFC East, along with the Steelers (-120) and Ravens (+120) at the top of the AFC North odds.  The Ravens and Jets may be worth a look, as I think the division winners will definitely come out of those four teams, but I think I would rather stay away from those divisions.  The Colts sit with -180 odds to win the AFC South, with the Texans next at +180.  Laying the chalk on the Colts might be a smart move.  The AFC West has the Chargers as clear cut favorites at (-200), but the Chiefs or Raiders at +350 and +450 respectively should get a look.

Moving onto the NFC, we have the Eagles -160 in a competitive NFC East.  Can the Cowboys completely turn things around under their new head coach?  Maybe, but if I was betting that I’d hope to get better than +300, which they’re listed at right now.  The Packers are -220 in the NFC North, with both the Bears and Lions (+450) ahead of the Vikings (+500).  I have the Packers taking that division again this year.  Maybe my favorite NFL divisional bet is on the Falcons to win the NFC South at +120.  The Saints are also listed at +120, but I have Atlanta coming out on top of that division for the second straight season.  Lastly is the NFC West, where no one is really the clear cut favorite.  The 49ers (+180), Cardinals (+200), and Rams (+200) should all be competing, but can the Seahawks at +500 surprise everyone and take that division?

I can’t find much value in the NFL divisional betting right now, but I will shop around and keep my eye open for some good lines to pop up before I dismiss placing any wagers.

NFL Regular Season Win Totals

I’m not going to go through every team here, but I will list some interesting totals that have been set in this years NFL season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a line set at 11 wins.  I would have to go with the UNDER 11 at -120 for a team that doesn’t seem as focused coming into this year.

Washington is at 6.5 wins, and again I’m leaning towards the UNDER there.  Unfortunately we will have to lay some chalk at -135.

Can the Lions actually pull off a winning season?  I’m not sure, but they might be able to go 8-8, making the OVER 7.5 wins something to look at.

I still haven’t laid any NFL future or prop bets yet, but I am still on the hunt for some value.  Go over to BetOnline.com and check out the lines.  If you see something you like take advantage of their Free Money sign up bonus they have going on now (depositing is pretty easy over there).  Good Luck!

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