49ers vs. Giants SNF Pick – NFL Week 5

What is there to make of the San Francisco 49ers? We knew they were going to be bad, but nobody has stepped up to assert themselves as the playmaker or leader of this team. That guy is supposed to be Colin Kaepernick, however, we’re watching his career spiral out of control before our very eyes. Do you recall when Robert Griffin was good? Do you recall when Kaepernick was a good quarterback? I note these two because they share a similar style of play, we’re on top of the world around the same time, and then have been regressing ever since. At least in Kaepernick’s defense we can say he is better than a 3rd string quarterback. Griffin looks done and Kaepernick could be joining him on the bench very soon. The option quarterback came and went in the NFL. Still a dangerous weapon in college football, options quarterbacks like Griffin and Kaepernick have been becoming a thing of the past. Once teams had some film to watch and study, an offense based off it was squashed pretty quickly by defenses.

Kaepernick isn’t a good enough pure passer to make up for the ineffectiveness in the option game. Since the option isn’t working, Kaepernick has had to become a drop back passer. Problem there being he isn’t that kind of player. His skillset is kind of limited in a sense. There is nothing behind Kaepernick on the depth chart to get excited about, so it is up to Kap to get the 49ers out of this mess. Blaine Gabbert is the backup for the 49ers, a bust in his own right. Michael Crabtree is on the Raiders, Frank Gore is with the Colts, which leaves a lot to be desired on the offense as a whole. All defenses need to do it zero in on Anquan Boldin. Boldin was great when he wasn’t the only playmaker, as teams needed to prepare for a complete unit. I don’t even have to mention Vernon Davis who is now an afterthought in the offense. Davis has caught only 109 yards worth of balls in 2015.

While Kaepernick hasn’t been good, nobody else is helping him out here. With the Niners on SNF this week, the entire world may get to see how bad the 49ers really are. However, the one primetime game they had this year, they won their only game of the year by beating the Vikings in week 1. After that game there was the notion that maybe the 49ers really aren’t that bad. I recall that being an ugly game with the 49ers catching a couple breaks to win 20-3. They caught the Vikings travelling out west with a rusty Adrian Peterson. Now it’s time for the 49ers to travel all the way out east, a long trip from San Francisco to New York. Let’s look for a winner on Sunday night.

San Francisco 49ers vs. N.Y. Giants NFL Pick

Betting Odds:

49ers +6.5(-110)
@Giants -6.5(-110)

Over 43(-110)
Under 43(-110)

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49ers vs. Giants Pick:

The 49ers have lost so much on both sides of the ball that is hard to say that they were going to be good to begin with. I personally had them as one of the worst teams in the NFL, as well as a lot of other people. So, it isn’t like this is some big shocker that the Niners have been struggling. But Kaepernick has been so bad that it has raised some eyebrows. It’s the ways they’ve been losing. I do give credit to the defense for limiting Aaron Rodgers and the Packers last week, but again, they were able to take advantage of a team that was travelling east-to-west there and they still lost by 14 points. The offense is 31st in the NFL in yards per game, 289, and are dead last in points scored where they are accumulating only 12 points per game! Those numbers just aren’t bad, they are pathetic.

This is a big game for the Giants in the wide open NFC East. The way things have been going, this division may be the Giants to take. They started of 0-2 but in back-to-back weeks put together two straight impressive wins. A 32-21 drubbing of the Redskins, and even better, a 14 point win over the Buffalo Bills on the road. Not the easiest win against a very good defense. It is more impressive than it looks at first glance. The 49ers are in absolute shambles. They now have to travel to the other side of the country against a Giants team trending up. I don’t see how they score enough points to cover this one against the Giants. The offense is severely limited in what it can accomplish. This one looks too easy to me, but sometimes it is that easy. Trying not to overthink this pick.

PICK: GIANTS -6.5 (-110)