49ers vs. Steelers Pick – NFL Week 2

If you haven’t heard by now, the Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t too happy with how their game with the New England Patriots went last week. They lost the game, yes, but the Steelers have been more concerned with Patriot techniques to win the game. Notably, how the Steelers believe the Patriots were playing around with their headphones, altering them so they couldn’t communicate with coaches. Instead the Steelers were hearing a radio broadcast of the game, rather than in-game communications. The NFL quickly shot down the controversy, indicating that the NFL is responsible for the headphones.

I don’t think the Steelers were buying it, because they wouldn’t shutup all week regarding the issue. And that wasn’t it, the Steelers claimed the Patriots broke an unwritten rule by instigating the Steelers to false start. Pittsburgh to me just comes off as butt hurt. It honestly felt like a 12 year old crying about a pick-up game at recess. Instead of complaining, they probably should have been focusing on the 49ers for week 2. A game that would set the Steelers back weeks, if they happen to lose.

The 49ers recently knocked the Vikings off at home on MNF. The pre-season conception is that the 49ers are going to be vying for the 1st pick in the NFL draft, on the other hand the Vikes are going to be the surprise team, vying for a berth in the playoffs. I tend to think that neither of these are going to come to fruition. Are the 49ers going to be great? No. Are the Vikings going to be great? No. I see it as a season of mediocracy for both sides. The 49ers win over the Vikings doesn’t impress me much. Minnesota looked discombobulated and Adrian Peterson looked like a pile of rust on the field. The Niners took advantage of playing at home on the west coast, which I think is going to be their biggest weapon this season. In week 2 the 49ers head to the opposite end of the country to Pittsburgh, where hopefully Mike Tomlin and the Steelers have washed their tears away by now.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Pick

Betting Odds:

49ers +6.5(-110)
@Steelers -6.5(-110)

Over 45.5(-110)
Under 45.5(-110)

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49ers vs. Steelers Pick:

For all that was made about the 49ers’ defense losing what they did in the offseason, they did pretty damn good in week 1. They held the Vikings to only 3 points and never did really threaten on offense. But that was just one game. Time and time again people will base their picks off the prior week, a recipe for disaster. Is the 49ers’ defense really that good? I tend to think that their deficiencies were masked by catching the Vikings sleeping on the west coast. Note that game was a Monday night game as well. Why worth noting? Everyone was watching and noticed how well the 49ers played against the Vikings. The point spread is set by books with public perception in mind. At the moment, the public likes the 49ers. Conversely, the public saw how the Patriots took care of the Steelers, another primetime game.

I would feel more confident about this pick if the Steelers weren’t worrying about the Patriots as well week, but I think the perception here is that the 49ers are a good team. I feel like that statement is false. The 49ers still have holes all over their defense, something the Vikings couldn’t exploit. While people are praising Teddy Bridgewater, in my opinion the verdict is still out on him. The real test is this week against the Steelers’ offense, who moved the ball with ease against the Patriots but couldn’t capitalize. The Patriots have been the best bend but don’t break defense in the NFL for the last decade. The Steelers accumulated 464 yards, 2nd in the league last week, but scored only 21 points. Not this week, I see the Steelers scoring when the chance opens up. The 49ers aren’t as good as they were advertised last week. I will lay the points on the Steelers, a great pick getting under 7.

PICK: STEELERS -6.5 (-110)