Bears vs. Seahawks Pick – NFL Week 3

The 0-2 Seattle Seahawks turn their attention to the Chicago Bears this week at home. A much needed game at home for the Hawks, who lost to the Rams and Packers in week 1 and 2. This is where the Seahawks make their money, and it would be outright shocking if they lost straight-up to the Bears at home. While the Bears are 0-2 as well, the Seahawks are definitely in a much better position than the Bears are. After two weeks it is already looking like the season might be over the Bears. Losing Brandon Marshall in the offseason didn’t help any. In week 3 they’ll be without both Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery. That about sums the Bears offense up. Cutler and Jeffery are needed for the Bears if they want to have any kind of success. Jeffry has been banged up for the majority of his career and the start of 2015 hasn’t shown to be any different. It seems like a tough situation for the Bears this week. They don’t catch any breaks having to head out west to Seattle for a date with the Seahawks. It also doesn’t help much that the Seahawks are 0-2 and are making their debut at home.

And oh yeah, a player by the name of Kam Chancellor is making his return to the Seahawks’ lineup. Chancellor sat out the first two weeks in a contract dispute. He was looking for more money and his contract be reworked. Following two weeks of not playing, Chancellor caved in and will be suiting up for the Seahawks in week 3. Whether it be because he was sick of the Seahawks getting their faces pushed in, or because he was sick of losing out on a paycheck that gave him a new $200,000+ every week. Whatever the reason, the Seahawks are going to be much better with him in the defense. He at safety instills an immediate boost to the Hawks’ defense.

The Seahawks had that overtime loss against the Rams in week 1, a winning pick that I provided here. They then hung tough with the Packers, but ultimately lost the contest 27-17. The Bears on the other hand had losses against the Packers and Cardinals. Their problems go beyond the loss of Cutler and Jeffry. There are issues all around them. Injuries happen, that is part of the game. However, they have major personnel problems on defense, without even bringing up the defense. The odds makers have taken note, setting them as 14.5 underdogs in Seattle. It will be interesting to see how Jimmy Clausen and the Bears handle this business trip.

Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks NFL Football Pick

Betting Odds:

Bears +14.5(-110)
@Seahawks -14.5(-110)

Over 43.5(-110)
Under 43.5(-110)

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Bears vs. Seahawks Pick:

For me it doesn’t even matter if Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery were to come back and play the rest of the season healthy. With their defensive inefficiencies I find it hard to believe they will be too successful. The Bears’ defense has been a growing problem for the past few seasons. After Brian Urlacher retired, the Bears have been searching to replicate their dominant defense. Remember the Bears got to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman starting. The defense got them there, but since around then they have been slowly regressing. It appears to be coming full circle in 2015, as they have already allowed 79 points in two weeks. 48 coming last week against the Cardinals. I think the Cards have a good offense, an underrated one, but to give up 48 points is pretty awful. The Bears have surrendered 39.5 points per game thus far.

I feel like the Bears aren’t going to be able to make it work with the defense in this game, so what about the offense? The Bears have to go with Jimmy Clausen at quarterback today. Clausen isn’t a bad backup, but I don’t think he is good enough to be making starts on the road against the Seahawks. Not just that, but Clausen doesn’t have any weapons to work with him. There is no go-to option for the Bears in this game. They are doubly in trouble in that regard. I foresee the Seahawks taking their frustrations out on the Bears in week 3. The return of Chancellor will make it even more difficult on Chicago. Seems like a good old fashion ass kicking by the Seahawks. It’s a big number, and I don’t like laying this much in the NFL, but I don’t see how the Bears keep within the number.

PICK: SEAHAWKS -14.5 (-110)