Bengals vs. Bills Pick – NFL Week 6

After an exciting day of college football, the NFL takes the stage on Sunday which promises to be another entertaining day of football. Time is just flying right by, as we are already in week 6 of the NFL. After the first five weeks, nothing has really been settled from what we already knew on week 1. The Patriots and Packers are the best two teams in the NFL, that goes without saying. The Patriots get a crack at the Colts in the first game since the AFC Championship and the deflate gate scandal unfolded. The Colts were largely responsible for blowing the whistle, so that one is going to be quite interesting with Tom Brady on the field. I have another article that handicaps that matchup. In this particular writeup, there is another undefeated streak on the line in Buffalo. The Cincinnati Bengals will look to advance to 6-0 under a prolific start to the season by Andy Dalton. Yeah, yeah the Bengals can’t win a playoff game, but you have to at least be impressed a little bit by what they’re doing in Cincinnati.

Last week the Bengals showed a side of resiliency that we haven’t seen from this team in years. Instead of laying down and playing dead against the Seahawks down big, the Bengals came all the way back to force overtime, and then won the game. Doing that against a defense like the Seahawks says a lot about this year’s Bengals’ team. The Bengals were trailing by a score of 24-7. All of that was erased in the 4th quarter, as Dalton led the Bengals back to tie the ball game up and win it in the additional 5th frame. Dalton is having himself a career year after probably suffering the most criticism he’s faced this offseason. Bengals’ fans are getting irritable and demanding something out of this tea, who pissed way a good start last season. Remember, it was looking like a sure thing they a top team last year and then they ran into the Patriots and the season fell apart. I think through three quarters last week that is what people were envisioning. The Bengals, though, rose to the occasion and won a big one. They need to gear up for the Bills now on the road. Read on below as I gather my thoughts in this matchup.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills NFL Pick

Betting Odds:

Bengals -3(-110)
@Bills +3(-110)

Over 43(-110)
Under 43(-110)

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Bengals vs. Bills Pick:

The Bengals catch the Bills at a time where they are having some troubles at quarterback. I mean, don’t the Bills always have trouble at quarterback? But this time, after Tyrod Taylor looked like he was going to have a firm grasp on the starting job all season long, he goes and gets injured last week. By all reports, it appears that EJ Manuel is going to get the start for the Bills. And so the roulette ball spins around the drum for the Bills. Is the ball going to land on good Manuel or bad Manuel? Manuel did show something in the preseason, he was slinging the ball around like he had something to prove. That was before the injury which opened the door for Taylor.

The Bills are going to rely on their defense in this game, which is the strongest part of this team. They are allowing opposing teams an average of 21 points scored per game. The Bills at 3-2 got a big 14-13 win over the Titans last week, a win that they needed to keep Bills’ fans hopes alive. The Patriots are running away with that division again, sorry to break the bad news, but they could compete for a Wild Card if they can string some good games together. The Bills’ defense is going to need to be good against an offense that is averaging 421.1 yards per game, 2nd behind only the Patriots.

To me this seems like one of those games. You know what I mean by one of those games, right? All of the statistics line up for a big Bengals win here. Along with the Bills having to go to the backup quarterback. The Bengals just got off playing an emotionally charged game which resulted in a big comeback against the Seahawks. I think they come into this one against the Bills feeling a little lethargic, maybe more laidback than they should be. This could end up being a much closer game than people think, with perhaps the Bills pulling the mini-upset off.

PICK: BILLS +3 (-110)