Bengals vs. Browns Pick – NFL Week 4

There has to be a few people out there excited for the Battle of Ohio? The diehard Bengal and Browns fans will be up for this one, but outside of that, this is a game for betting. The Bengals enter at 0-3 and ditto for the Browns, too. Cincinnati has been in some close games this season, including an overtime loss to the Packers in Green Bay a week ago.

It was a heartbreaker for the Bengals, as they were so close to stealing one against a good team on the road. Marvin Lewis had to lose some sleep over losing like that and no win thus far in 2017. There were some questionable calls that went in the Packers favor, but they can’t blame anyone but themselves for a 0-3 start to the season.

I can’t believe that Marvin Lewis still has a job, let’s say that much. I’m not the only one wondering how he still has a job. By now, he should have a playoff win on his resume. With a record of 0-3 out of the gates, there isn’t much room to dig an even bigger hole. Now they get the Browns in Week 4, he’s in a pressure cooker of a spot. Lose to the Browns and go to 0-4 and his seat is going to get warmer than its ever been.

Andy Dalton has to get it going as well. Ever since A.J. McCarron brought the Bengals to the playoffs, which resulted in a loss to the Steelers, people have been clamoring for McCarron to get a shot at the starting job. The Bengals gave Dalton a lot of dough, so they were not going to pull reins on him too quickly. I think there comes a time, though, where you must put that aside and think about winning ball games. It’s an important game for Dalton this weekend against the winless Browns. Get our free Bengals vs. Browns pick at The Sports Geek below.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns Betting Odds:

Bengals -3(-110)
vs. Browns +3(-110)

Over 42(-110)
Under 42(-110)

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Bengals vs. Browns Pick:

The goal of this season for the Browns is to find a quarterback for the future. The former Notre Dame product, DeShone Kizer, gets the stage all to himself in 2017. He will have this year, and another year or two to show that he should be the starting quarterback in Cleveland. The factory of sadness has churned through quarterback after quarterback since around 2000. Tim Couch was supposed to be the savior, and now in 2017 they’re hoping Kizer is that guy.

There aren’t many conclusions you can draw from three games. Well, he hasn’t been good, but this isn’t really that unexpected, in my opinion. He’s a rookie, and thrown into a bad situation with a lack of talent surrounding him in Cleveland. Kizer has thrown 3 touchdowns and 7 interceptions with a 52.8 completion percentage. His QB rating is bad, really bad, a 53.2 which goes for last in the NFL. The next worst is Joe Flacco with a rating of 65.2 so it isn’t even close.

When it comes to yardage per game, the Browns are 16th in the NFL, though. So, if Kizer could limit mistakes they’d at least be in an okay position. The Bengals are 31st with regards to yards per game, just 272.3 per game, compared to 323 yards for the Browns.

The Bengals have beaten the Browns in five straight, all decided by at least 13 points. Dalton and Marvin Lewis need this game in the worst way possible. The defense will get Vontaze Burfict back at linebacker, and I expect him to make an impact right away. Dalton and Lewis get their wish, luckily getting a rookie quarterback in Week 4.

PICK: BENGALS -3 (-110)

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