Bills vs. Dolphins Pick – NFL Week 3

The Buffalo Bills had a coming out party on their minds last week, but then the New England Patriots happened. The Patriots quieted Rex Ryan and the Bills’ faithful last week, coming into Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo and taking a 40-32 win to Foxboro with them last week. The Bills were hyped to be playing the Patriots after beating the Colts in the previous week handily. But they should have put the party after the game, not before it, as Buffalo was treating that game like a Super Bowl matchup. Just another game for the Patriots, as they walked into Buffalo and took the Bills down. It was a game that saw a lot of money come in on the Bills as a result of their performance against the Colts a week prior. You need to have a short money betting on football. I like basketball because hot teams can carry over into the subsequent nights. But football games are like individual entities. A lot of times the week before has nothing to do with what happens the next week. However, I will say the old look-a-head spot does come true on occasion.

The Buffalo Bills are hoping it’s true, because they don’t want last week to carry over into this week against the Dolphins. There won’t be Tom Brady surveying the field on the other side, or Bill Belichick pacing the sideline, so the Bills have that going for them this afternoon. Much has been made about the Dolphins this season, most notably the free agent they nabbed in the offseason. The Dolphins brought Ndamukong Suh to Miami on a monster contract, one he couldn’t say no to. However, was it the smart move for the Dolphins? Suh has been called out for “freestyling” on the line of scrimmage. Meaning he isn’t following the play call and just doing whatever he wants to do at the snap. The Dolphins have claimed this has caused confusing in the rest of the defense. In other words, Suh doesn’t really care and is way more concerned with counting his 100 dollar bills out.

After the news of this came out, is Suh going to step up and do something now? The Dolphins have his huge salary on their payroll for years now and are hoping this isn’t the second coming of Albert Haynesworth. That deal set the Washington Redskins back a few years. If Suh doesn’t want to start playing, it is going to be the same story over again. We’ll see what we get from the Dolphins and Suh this week against the Bills.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins NFL Football Pick

Betting Odds:

Bills +2.5(-110)
@Dolphins -2.5(-110)

Over 41.5(-110)
Under 41.5(-110)

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Bills vs. Dolphins Pick:

The Bills aren’t going to be able to get in shootouts with teams and expect to win. They are a team that isn’t built that way. The Bills want to win the ugly games that are dominated by defense. Think how the Jets won games when they had Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. Sanchez didn’t win games for the Jets, it was the defense that brought them to the playoffs. That is what Rex Ryan wants to do now. It didn’t show last week, but any defense will get worked by Brady and the Patriots. I think that the Bill defense will settle in and start to produce some good results. They showed what they can do against the Colts two weeks ago.

This is without a doubt the lightest test on offense the Bills will face. Now that the Dolphins are bad, but the Colts and Patriots have elite level offenses. I know that the Colts have looked ugly thus far, but slowing Andrew Luck is no easy task. The Dolphins have averaged 18.5 points per game and 321 yards of offense in the first two weeks. That is about right for the Dolphins. They are supposed to have a vaunted defense, so if the offense can average around 20 points per game, they should win football games. You won’t find a Super Bowl with an offense like that in today’s NFL, but at least to make the Patriots sweat a little bit.

The Dolphins’ defense held the Redskins and Jaguars to an average of 16.5 points per game. The Redskins and Jags don’t pose the most serious threats, but I don’t think the Bills do today either. The Bills got their points last week when the game was out of hand and the Pats slouched on defense and weren’t calling regular defensive calls. I still don’t feel that Tyrod Taylor is a good quarterback. Further, I think Suh, after getting called out, will look to play this afternoon. Ryan Tannehill has never passed for more than 243 yards against the Bills’ defense. Looks like an ugly low-scoring game, just the way both teams like them. Tough call on the side, but I like the UNDER 41.5.

PICK: UNDER 41.5 POINTS (-110)