Colts vs. Ravens Pick – NFL Week 16

Another Saturday of NFL football with a couple of games on the card. The Indianapolis Colts travel to Baltimore where they will attempt to play the spoiler role against the Ravens. The Colts’ season is of course in the toilet with a record of 3-11. It certainly hurt them that they had to miss out on Andrew Luck again, but how much would have changed under Luck? They would have more wins, yeah, but I don’t think they’d be a playoff team.

With no offensive line there to protect him? I don’t believe so. He would have been back on the shelf real quick with the amount of hits he would have taken. Jacoby Brissett is more mobile than Luck, so I could see more carnage in the backfield being worse if he were starting. The Colts have battled at 3-11. They’ve made games out of some of their outings. It definitely hasn’t translated in the W/L tally, but they’re at least not giving up on their season.

To reach the postseason, all the Ravens need to do is win their final two games against the Colts and Bengals. Both come at home in Baltimore. They won’t be dependent on other results throughout the NFL if they just beat the Colts and Bengals. Just win out and they’re in. The Ravens would be a very dangerous team in the postseason. Joe Flacco hasn’t flourished, but he has one of the best defenses in the NFL to back him up. Defense travels better than offense and usually is the catalyst in the postseason.

All it’d take is Flacco to get hot and the Ravens will be a tough team to beat. Maybe we’ll see a different Flacco in the postseason? If they make it, of course. Flacco has thrown 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions with a putrid 79.1 QB rating. He must help the defense out at some point in the postseason. As 13-point favorites against the Colts, he probably isn’t going to need his best game to get a W here. However, they have to come out strong, not taking the Colts lightly or they’re going to get into a dogfight they would like to avoid. Head below for our free Colts vs. Ravens pick.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens Betting Odds:

Colts +13.5(-110)
vs. Ravens -13.5(-110)

Over 41(-110)
Under 41(-110)

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Colts vs. Ravens Pick:

The brunt of the Colts’ problems begin at the foundation with their offensive line. I think it begins and ends there to be honest. They’ve given up 53 sacks which is last in the NFL. Jacoby has been hit in the backfield 107 times. They haven’t progressively gotten better at all either, it’s been a steady dose of trash from their offensive line. Going up against this Ravens’ defensive line has mismatch written all over it. How they’re going to stop Brandon Williams in the middle is anyone’s guess. Spoiler: they aren’t going to be able to.

The Ravens are allowing an average of 18.3 points per game. Other than the 39-38 loss to the Steelers, their defense has been strong as a rock. Take that game out, and they’ve allowed 11.5 points per game. We cannot compare the Colts’ offense to the Steelers, so I feel that we can exclude that outlier. They’re tied for 7th with 38 sacks. Brissett is going to be running for his life in this game, once again. The Colts are 31st on offense with 286.2 yards per game. Brissett is doing his best behind an abysmal offensive line, and considering everything, his 11 touchdowns and 7 interceptions isn’t too bad. He’s also rushed for 234 yards and 4 touchdowns.

If anything is going to keep them in this game, it’s going to come from the Indianapolis defense. However, the offense has done such a poor job giving them good field position that it hurts them considerably. The Colts’ defense is allowing 381.5 yards per game for 30th in the NFL. They’re also second-last in the NFL, with 26.3 points allowed per game. Look for a big game on the ground for the Ravens. Flacco shouldn’t have to do much here, but I see him getting some confidence against the Colts on Saturday. In any event, this game will come down to the Colts inability to move the ball on the Baltimore defense. They have something to play for, and I believe it’ll show. I’d lay the points on the Ravens.

PICK: RAVENS -13.5 (-110)

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