Cowboys vs. Buccaneers Pick – NFL Week 10

The Dallas Cowboys suffered another setback last week. A big low blow to hope for the Cowboys to grab the NFC East. Now at 2-6, their chances are beginning to slip away. The division is so bad that they are actually still alive with a 2-6 record, but last week had to be one of the worst losses of the season for the Cowboys. It stings even more for them considering that they had a good chance to win and also it was against division foe the Philadelphia Eagles. The end result of the last two weeks was two tough losses. With Matt Cassel at the controls, filling in for Tony Romo, and taking over for Brandon Weeden, the Cowboys lost to the Seattle Seahawks at home, 13-12.

Against the Eagles they lost in overtime to deliver another unfortunate finale for the Cowboys. I do believe that the Cowboys would be running away with the division right now if Romo was healthy. Without him they are left trying to make the most of the situation. You figure if Romo was healthy they would have beat the Seahawks easily. The Cowboys catch Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week on the road in sunny Florida. After a couple of weeks of being denied the door despite playing hard, a sense of frustration has to be building up in that locker room.

What do you think a loss would do against the Buccaneers today? That would bump the Cowboys to 2-7 and I think would all but spell out the end of the Cowboys season. Look for Dez Bryant to be in prime form on the sidelines yelling at anyone he comes in contact with. Cassel hasn’t gotten much of Bryant’s tirades but I think he will be in store for some of it if he doesn’t get the ball tomorrow. I wish I was kidding about all of this. I talked about frustration building up, and I think out of anyone on the team Dez has hit the apex of that. The defense has been doing an admiral job for the Cowboys, but the offense has been so bad that they haven’t been able to facilitate in the way of much success on the field. They will try and get going in the right direction against the Bucs this afternoon.

For Jameis Winston, I think people are still trying to figure out what he brings to the table. After the first throw of his NFL career, a pick-6, the bust discussion was already running rampant. Well, you could say the talk of him being a bust dates back to the draft. Winston has had his moments where he looks like a promising budding star. Others he looks like the bust many have talked about. I think he hasn’t been in the spotlight as much as in this game. The Cowboys always draw a crowd and there will be plenty watching against the Bucs on Sunday. We get to our pick below.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL

Betting Odds:

Cowboys -2(-110)
@Buccaneers +2(-110)

Over 43(-110)
Under 43(-110)

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Cowboys vs. Buccaneers Pick:

It is really simple why the Cowboys have such a poor record. They need a quarterback. Brandon Weeden wasn’t the answer, nor is Matt Cassel at the moment. The Cowboys had to make the move, though, Weeden was so bad that they had to go in another direction. But who do you think has the better quarterback rating? It has to be Cassel right. That is actually wrong. Cassel has a rating of 78.2, compared to the 92.1 that Weeden had before he was sat down. Let’s face it, Weeden isn’t good and Cassel isn’t good. Cassel was leftover scraps that the Cowboys had to sign. The Dallas offense is scoring 20 points per game, which is 26th in the NFL. Take away the Romo starts and they would be looking at worse than that. I assume the Cowboys would be around the 5th best offense with Romo healthy, so you can see how valuable he is.

The Bucs’ defense has given up points, but they have in fact limited yardage per game. Tampa is 11th in the NFL, allowing 349 yards per game. They are also 11th against the pass. Winston will lead the Bucs at quarterback this afternoon, where he has thrown for 236.9 yards per game with 10 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. He has also chipped in with 115 yards on the ground with 4 touchdowns. Winston has deceptive speed, he doesn’t look fast, but can make a play if need be. No way can I back Cassel on the road this afternoon. The Cowboys make look attractive with a short line against the Buccaneers, I see it as a bit trapish. One that I don’t want to fall into. The Cowboys put a lot of energy forth last week on SNF against the Eagles. I think that loss sucked the win out of them in overtime. I like the Bucs at home.


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