Cowboys vs. Saints SNF Pick – NFL Week 4

Is it possible if NBC can flex out of this game and plug another one into this slot? Sunday night always features one of the main matchups for the week and this is one of those weeks that doesn’t like so much like the case. If they could go back and do this over again, they wouldn’t have scheduled this one here. But how can you predict that Tony Romo wouldn’t be here? Romo vs. Brees in primetime has a nice ring to it. Weeden vs. Brees? Not so much. But all we can do is play the cards that we are dealt. Not the most anticipated matchup of the year, but it is all about cashing tickets with us. I don’t care who is playing at quarterback or who is playing, we’re looking to make money. Heck, I just made money off a game featuring UNLV and Nevada yesterday. But anyways, moving onto tonight. I hope you all had a successful day betting on the gridiron, as well as yesterday on the college card.

The Cowboys passed up a big lead last week to go down to the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 39-29. Joseph Randle had the Cowboys up quickly with a 14-0 start to the contest, but it all unraveled as Brandon Weeden wasn’t able to make many plays to give the Cowboys a win. Much is made about the loss of Romo, but note that two of their best offensive players are out. Lost in the mix is the absence of Dez Bryant. While Romo is the more important of the two, it is worth saying that the Cowboys are without their top two playmakers on offense. Instead the offense is centered around Joseph Randle. Randle isn’t a bad running back at all, don’t get me wrong. I drafted him on my fantasy team and my investment has paid off on him thus far. All I’m saying is you can’t have an offense that is centred on him.

With Brandon Weeden under center, he needs a lot of help around him to make plays. Unfortunately for Weeden and the Cowboys, there is no one to help him out. Weeden has to make plays himself, and well, Weeden isn’t the kind of guy you want to depend on to win football games. The Cowboys signed Matt Cassel, I’m sure the leash is short on Weeden. However, Cassel has only been in Dallas for a short while and is still learning the offense. The Drew Brees era is running out of time in New Orleans, it was a nice ride, but this Saints team is a shell of its former self. With the nation watching, Brees and the Saints can show that they aren’t dead just yet. Find my NFL pick for SNF below.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints NFL Pick

Betting Odds:

Cowboys +3(+100)
@Saints -3(-120)

Over 48(-110)
Under 48(-110)

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Cowboys vs. Saints Pick:

Drew Brees is expected to start this week. That is big news for this game, after Luke McCown started last week at quarterback for the Saints last week. McCown starting didn’t do much for the offense, as they went down 27-22 to the Panthers. It was a nice effort by McCown, who ended throwing for 310 yards, but failed to throw a touchdown. The most disastrous loss for the Saints this season had to be against rookie Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Winston was able to earn his first victory as a pro there, but hasn’t looked good in both of his other two games.

Brandon Weeden has failed to win a game since 2012. Weeden is on a nine game losing streak that dates back to his days in Cleveland. He is 0-2 in his time with the Cowboys in 2015. Weeden was able to throw for only 232 yards at home with an interception against a suspect defense in the Atlanta Falcons. The Saints haven’t been good, but I see the Super Dome crowd getting up for this Sunday night affair against the Cowboys. The Saints are still loved in New Orleans and have strong fan support. They did after all win a Super Bowl for the city. The Saints should break out of their three game winless streak, adding to the Cowboys’ troubles at quarterback even more. This looks like a great spot for them to earn their first victory. I expect them to look more focused than ever on primetime. Drew Brees does not want to lose against Brandon Weeden on the most watched show on television. It looks like a 27-20 win for the Saints to me. That would be enough to provide the Saints with the cover.

PICK: SAINTS -3 (-120)