Cowboys vs. Steelers Pick – NFL Week 10

Out of all of the games on the schedule in Week 10, I think I’m most excited about the Cowboys and Steelers. The Cowboys are looking for real at 7-1, there is no denying that Dak Prescott is looking at winning rookie of the year honors, and for good reason. Let’s go beyond rookie of the year, though, because Prescott may be the MVP of the entire league. I have to give him credit, and I was somebody who believed he needed to show me more than a couple games. Well, this will be the Cowboys’ ninth game of the season and Prescott continues to perform. Now, the hype over him didn’t begin in the regular season. Prescott’s quality play was first made visible during the preseason, where he was making smart decisions, knowing when to pass and when to run with it. In a lot of ways, he reminds me a bit of Russell Wilson. Prescott does not have blazing speed, nor does Wilson, but they know when to run with the ball instead of passing into a mistake.

Prescott has Dez Bryant back now, who only helps the situation out more for the Cowboys. The only loss the Cowboys have was in Week 1 against the New York Giants. It didn’t look like it then, but that was a pretty nice win for them. If this were college football, they’d be getting extra points for beating a top-tier team. I think there are still some people who don’t believe in the Cowboys, and in a way, I can’t argue with somebody if they don’t see them going far in the playoffs. The Cowboys have been failures when it comes to making it very deep.

Their most recent playoff failure came against the Green Bay Packers. I am sure you all remember that one, after Dez Bryant thought he caught that ball near the goal line which was ruled incomplete. Remember the Cowboys got lucky the week before against the Lions, beating them due to a favorable call going in their direction. The Cowboys will play a good Pittsburgh Steelers team at Heinz Field. In the standings though, and statistically, which are the only things that matter, the Steelers aren’t fairing so well in that department. The Steelers are 4-4 and are in danger of falling below .500. They started 4-1 and have since lost three straight games. After a 4-1 start, I had the Steelers the second best team in the AFC behind the Patriots. It isn’t looking like that now, needless to say.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Betting Odds:

Cowboys +3(-110)
vs. Steelers -3(-110)

Over 49.5(-110)
Under 49.5(-110)

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Cowboys vs. Steelers Pick:

People who aren’t too familiar with point spreads and gambling are calling this a potential upset. No, not an upset for the Cowboys but an upset if the Steelers’ win. However, us sports handicappers know that the Steelers are the actual favorites in this game and not the Cowboys. It’s sort of the same rhetoric come March Madness, when a team who are highly ranked against a lower seed are the underdogs. Here the Steelers are the true favorites, but do they deserve to be? It seemed their season was derailed following the Ben Roethlisberger injury, and while he’s back and playing, his loss certainly dealt a blow to the momentum they had going on. Roethlisberger and company were unable to beat their rival on the road last week, as they suffered a 21-14 loss to a relatively average Ravens team.

The good news for the Steelers is that I think it’s only going to take one game to get them going. I see him having one of his 5 touchdown games in the near future, and then the offense starts to click thereafter. Doing it against the Cowboys, the hottest team in the NFL, would be a step in a positive direction. If it’s going to happen against any team, might as well do it against Dak and the Cowboys. Speaking of Dak, he has thrown 12 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. His 66.5% completion ratio is spectacular for a young quarterback in his first season. He has also rushed for an additional 4 touchdowns.

Roethlisberger on the other hand hasn’t had a full season on the field. No excuses here for the Steelers though lately, because he’s played in all three of their previous losses. In those three games total, the Steelers managed to score just 15 points per game. That isn’t very Steelers like, nor is playing .500 football in November. The public is loving the Cowboys in this game. Rightfully so, the sportsbooks are giving points at 7-1 against a 4-4 Steelers team? I truly feel like the Steelers wake up today and put a complete game together. This may also be the start of a nice stretch of games for them. Big Ben has a decent game and gets this team back going in the right direction. I see a 30-23 Steelers victory on Sunday.

PICK: STEELERS -3 (-110)