DraftKings NFL Week 17 Recap

In this infographic we take a look at DraftKings Week 17 lineups from some “pro” DFS players who max entered the $333 Wildcat contest at DraftKings ($49,950 in buy-ins).

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I found Rpolster on Twitter with help (thanks!).  He said he saw Adam Levitan’s news update on FantasyLabs.com about C.West when Ware was announced inactive and made a 3 player late swap.  He swapped out Cousins/D.Jackson/Ingram before the afternoon games for Rodgers/Rawls/West. That 3 player swap gave him 41.8 extra points over his original lineup to help win the $250,000!

Here’s the news blurb from FantasyLabs:

What a ballsy call to swap with your only lineup in the contest! I’m trying to get in touch with Rpolster to see if he will provide some more insights into his decision to late swap and how he built the lineup, etc. If he gets back to me and is cool with giving us a few quotes I will update this page.

***UPDATE #2***

I got in touch with Rpolster and he was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions for this article. Here is our mini interview:

What was the swap you made?

-I late swapped off of cousins/ingram/djax (flex) to Arodgers/rawls/west. Once Burkhhead and Ertz were going nuts Rodgers felt safer in that matchup than Cousins. West seemed like a great pivot off all the traffic on Kelce.

At the time of the swap it looks like you only had Burkhead and Ertz playing early before doing your swap. At that point were you thinking about 1st place, or more so just putting up a good score to get near the top?

-At the time of the swap (30 minutes before late afternoon games) wasn’t thinking about first place because I was still so far behind the field. The goal became optimization and game theory. Biggest qualm was whether to play both West and Kelce (flex) or Rawls and West. Nothing about fading Kelce, DJ and Jordy Nelson felt comfortable. Some close friends confirmed the Rodgers/Ingram/West move and I’m forever indebted.

How long have you been playing DFS at DraftKings? Is this your first big win?

-First big win over $1k. Been playing dfs for about 4 years. First time playing the Wildcat. Actually won my ticket off a $300 dk flash game the week before. Normally don’t play more than an entry or two in the Slant.

How much research did you put into Week 17? Was that any more or less than normal?

-Week 17 research was about normal. I have a 75 minute commute to work so the podcasts are huge. Pretty much all the Silva, Levitan and Raybon I can digest.

What were you doing for your Sunday night sweat?

-For the sweat it was actually pretty laid back. I had just put my 2 & 4 year old boys to bed about 30 minutes prior to second Adams td. Before that play was really just hoping to hold onto 3rd place $100k. There were a few guys with Tate and Zenner right behind me and the dropoff was very steep so some garbage time Lions offense would have really hurt. Once GB got the ball back I assumed they would run it out. I was 15 points behind 1st place, Rodgers was stuck on 291 pass yards…gb was on the Detroit 9…Rodgers hits Adams. So lucky!

Thanks for doing the interview Rpolster, and good luck going forward!