Eagles vs. Browns NFL Pick – Preseason Week 3

Week 3 of the NFL Preseason is upon us, which is the most important week of the preseason. Important and preseason don’t exactly go together, but Week 3 is when the starters get an extended look on the field. It’s dubbed dress rehearsal week, but the main goal of any preseason is to get out of it with any injuries. The Eagles suffered a scare last week when Nick Foles injured his shoulder against the Patriots.

Foles got hit behind the line of scrimmage and he came up a little gimpy after fumbling. Carson Wentz is of course out so the Eagles can’t afford to go into the regular season without Wentz and Foles. After Wentz and Foles there is Nate Sudfeld, which likely wouldn’t be enough to get by in 2018. Going from Wentz to Foles is one thing, but Sudfeld is a 24-year-old inexperienced who has just 24 pass attempts in his career.

Despite banging his shoulder last week, the Eagles have made it clear that Foles will be starting against the Browns on Thursday. Accord to recent reports, Wentz return is imminent to the lineup, so the situation may go to dicey to great quickly. When Wentz and Foles are healthy, they have the best quarterback situation in the NFL.

Apparently, it was just a shoulder strain that Foles suffered last week, so he should be fine, but if I was in charge, I’d still be a little cautious in a meaningless preseason game. Foles doesn’t need to prove anything in this game. However, this should be an opportunity for Sudfeld to get work against second stringers on defense. By the time he’s come in thus far, he’s been playing against the third-string and other leftovers who are fighting for a practice squad spot. Tyrod Taylor will get the nod for the Browns as the starter in this one, and then Baker Bayfield will take the spotlight. Mayfield is the reason why this game is in the spotlight on Thursday night. No one is watching to see Sudfeld throw a bunch of check down passes. Get our free Eagles vs. Browns pick below.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns NFL Preseason Betting Odds:

Eagles +3(-105)
vs. Browns -3(-115)

Over 41(-120)
Under 41(+100)

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Eagles vs. Browns Pick:

The new helmet rule is really making things difficult on everybody. Sports bettors aren’t excluded from that and it’s who it will likely impact the most. When spreads are on the line, these 15-yard penalties here and there are going to add up. I don’t usually bet a normal unit size over the first couple weeks of the season, and this year more than ever, I’m going to watch and see how they are calling this rule.

I will tell you right now, and everyone knows it, it’s going to cost a lot of people money. However, in time, we might be able to use it to our advantage. If there are certain teams that are getting called more often, we might be able to establish a pattern. We’ll see how it shakes out, though.

The Eagles went to Foxborough last week and took it on the chin. Tom Brady played well into the 2nd quarter and took advantage of the extended playing time. The Patriots beat the Eagles by a score of 37-20. Even with the injury, Foles passed for just 44 yards on 3-of-9 passing, along with the fumble that resulted in a Patriots’ score.

Sudfeld looked the best, with 312 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception. He will probably see action against a better defense in this one, though. The Pats were generally down to their third unit by then. Sudfeld will probably see the immediate backup unit in the second-half against the Browns.

Mayfield was held in check last week, but the offensive was pretty conservative. He passed for 75 yards on 7-of-13 passing, after he impressed with 212 yards and 2 touchdowns in his first ever professional game the week prior. This game is going to be used as a head-to-head battle between Tyrod and Mayfield. While Tyrod Taylor is likely the guy, Mayfield is still treating the preseason as a quarterback battle.

The leash will probably be short with Taylor over the first three or four weeks of the regular season. The Eagles on the other hand have nothing to prove in this game. Foles just strained his shoulder last week and they’d be awfully stupid to give him more than a half of play. Also, the Browns should be the more motivated team to win on national television. Despite it only being a preseason game, they will want to show that they aren’t the same 0-16 Browns. I will make a small play on the Browns to win and cover Thursday night in Cleveland.

The Bet: BROWNS -3 (-115)

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