Eagles vs. Colts Pick – NFL Preseason Week 3

In what is the most attractive Saturday night NFL Preseason game, the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts square off in Week 3. New coaches always want to win in the preseason to try and set a new tone around the team. The effort really doesn’t translate over to the regular season, but we’ve seen often how brand new coaches with their new teams play good football. The Eagles scored 17 points each in the last two weeks, with 17-9 and 17-0 wins over the Bucs and Steelers.

Nice start for Doug Pederson with the Eagles, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, if I recall Chip Kelly ran a well-oiled preseason with great results. Kelly ended up getting fired because he couldn’t do anything when it mattered in the regular season.

I know people like to jump to conclusions about this player and that team based off the preseason. It is, however, a foolish thing to do. Say hello to the 4-0 Lions’ preseason, followed by 0-16 in the regular season.

The Indianapolis Colts have been exactly even in the preseason. They won by a score of 19-18 and lost 19-18, with the win coming against the Bills and loss to the Ravens. The Colts just want the regular season to get here, so they can start reminding people how much last season wasn’t the real Colts. For a team that was expected to compete for the Super Bowl, a 8-8 finish was rather disappointing.

After getting steamrolled by the Patriots in the infamous deflate-gate postseason game, the Colts haven’t been the same. The Colts had three consecutive records at 11-5, but stumbled quite a few steps backwards a year ago. Andrew Luck was pummeled pretty good and was sent to the shelf, further cementing their failure of a season.
It was the worst season in the pros for Luck, who finished with 15 touchdowns and 12 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 74.9. The Colts are a team that don’t put too much stock into the preseason, so don’t get any impressions from this game tonight.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts NFL Preseason Betting Odds:

Eagles +2.5(-110)
vs. Colts -2.5(-110)

Over 44.5(-110)
Under 44.5(-110)

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Eagles vs. Colts Pick:

I was hoping to see Carson Wentz in this game, as I am eager to see what he offers. My personal prediction is that Wentz can do big things in the NFL if he stays healthy. Never was a fan of Goff, I was always higher on Wentz. We’ll go back to this comment in a couple years’ time. There is no reason to hurry Wentz back and throwing him into the fire of a pointless preseason game. All indications are saying that Wentz will be held out tonight, but they said the same thing about Tom Brady. Thanks Belichick. Sam Bradford will assume the starting duties tonight and in the regular season.

Chuck Pagano doesn’t really care for the preseason, it’s pretty evident in watching a Colts’ preseason game. Nor should too many other coaches, but it does lend itself to some spots to pick out to bet. Pagano has gone 6-12 with the Colts in the preseason. He said it himself to reporters, that he doesn’t concern himself with numbers and stats in the preseason. The Colts are banged up injury wise and we’re not even into September yet. Note that thirteen starters for the Colts will be absent, notably six on the defensive side. I highly doubt Pagano, a guy who couldn’t care less about the preseason, is going to ratchet it up and risk anything more. The Eagles and head coach Pederson are going to be the more motivated group tonight in Indianapolis. Catching points with the Eagles looks like a quality play in NFL exhibition action on Saturday.

PICK: EAGLES +2.5 (-110)