Eagles vs. Patriots – Funny Super Bowl LII Prop Bets

It’s another edition of our funny Super Bowl prop bets in Super Bowl LII. This is always one of my favorite articles, because the prop bets get sillier and stupider every year. Note that there are limits on these wagers, more so than other bets on the Super Bowl. It doesn’t take a sports betting expert to explain why that’s the case. Many of these things are either predetermined, or easily manipulated by the people involved to guarantee a winning pick. Therefore, you will typically see small limits. I’ve noticed less sportsbooks are offering funny Super Bowl prop bets Unless you are on the inside, I wouldn’t bother to put sizable bets on these wagers, anyway. Just reading some of them is half the fun. Head below for our free funny Super Bowl prop bets.

Eagles vs. Patriots Funny Super Bowl Prop Bets

#1 – Will Tom Brady’s jersey be stolen again?

If you recall, last season Brady’s Super Bowl jersey went missing shortly after the game. After the game, his jersey was stolen from the Patriots’ locker room by a member of the Mexican media. A director of a newspaper in Mexico swiped the jersey amidst the celebration and chaos. I don’t understand how the price on this bet isn’t steeper. Do we really expect his jersey to be stolen again? After what happened last season, it’s a safe bet that security will be tighter this time around. For the bet to lose, the Patriots will have to win the game, and then somebody bypasses what will be tighter security than last season. If they lose, there isn’t going to be any chance whatsoever.

PICK: NO (-220)

#2 – How many times will Tom Brady’s age be mentioned during the broadcast?

This is another prop bet that just seems off to me. Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels will undoubtedly mention Brady’s age on Sunday. I suspect two, a max of three times. However, five times!? They would have to talk about his age an average of more than once a quarter. Are they really going to be that fascinated that Tom Brady is 40 years old? Yes, it is amazing that he’s competing at this level of play at 40, but I don’t see Collinsworth and Michaels throwing it down our throats all game long.

PICK – UNDER 5 (+110)

#3 – How many times will “wardrobe malfunction” be mentioned during the broadcast?

This is another bet that involves Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels. This bet, of course, alludes to the “malfunction” that happened in the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson halftime show in 2004. If you watch Sunday Night Football religiously, I think these can be the easier of the funny prop bets to pinpoint. What I see happening here is maybe a snarky comment from Michaels regarding a wardrobe malfunction before halftime, at the most. Collinsworth will laugh under his breath, awkward silence, and they’ll continue on. But can we see this scenario happening twice? It seems like overkill to me.

PICK: UNDER 1.5 (-200)

#4 – How many times will Janet Jackson be mentioned during the broadcast?

This ties in to my previous selection, and again focuses on Collinsworth and Michaels. While the last scenario may have a chance to happen once, I don’t see them directly acknowledging Janet Jackson. This is supposed to be a kid friendly production, and I don’t think NBC wants kids to be inquiring to their parents or Google about what happened with Janet Jackson. I know Al Michaels likes to push the envelope sometimes, but I’m sure producers told him not to go there. For the OVER to bet, it would take twice for them to mention her, and I don’t see it happening once, never mind two times.

PICK: UNDER 1.5 (-140)

#5 – Who will be shown first on TV during the national anthem, Nick Foles or Tom Brady?

I can’t foresee the cameras going to Nick Foles first here. The cameras absolutely love Tom Brady, and the first player they go to during the national anthem will likely be Brady. This bet is of course just a guess, but it’s an educated guess that certainly makes the most sense.


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