Eagles vs. Seahawks Pick – NFL Week 11

After having to endure plenty of criticism early in the season, the Seattle Seahawks have settled in and look like a team who can go back to the Super Bowl. It’s like everything the Vikings had going for themselves was transferred over to Seattle. The Vikings fell down as soon as the Seahawks were rising up. How about the Packers? They have fallen out of contention as well, with the Lions leading the NFC North right now. The moral of the story is that the door is wide open for the Seahawks to win the conference still. Despite a slow start, the Seakawhs are 6-2-1 at the moment. The Eagles, the Seahawks’ opponents today, were looking to throw their hat in the circle as well. However, they’ve since regressed, and what you have is a conference that is there for the Seahawks to take.

Last week put the Seahawks at the top of the bottom, as they went into Foxboro and knocked the Patriots off at Gillette Stadium on Sunday Night Football. That is no easy task, there aren’t many teams in the NFL who can say they went and beat the Patriots on the road. Especially a primetime game, where Tom Brady and Bill Belichick usually shine. The Seahawks are back and rolling, but can they keep it rolling against Carson Wentz and the Eagles today? The Eagles got a much needed win against the Falcons last week. It was the closest thing to a must-win game, that wasn’t actually a must-win scenario. They needed a win, and they needed a win against a good team.

The Eagles got it against the Falcons, but their schedule doesn’t get any easier, as they travel from the east coast to the west for the Seahawks. The defense was able to neutralize Matt Ryan and company, holding them to only 15 points in a 24-15 win. Ryan passed for 267 yards with a touchdown and interception. The running lanes were plugged up from the start, with the Falcons rushing for just 48 yards total. That is the Eagles we saw earlier in the season. And for Wentz to succeed he needs some help from the defense, just like Roethlisberger got early in his career with the Steelers. It’s easy to do once, but not so easy to do it in consecutive weeks on the road in Seattle. In any event, the Eagles will strive for another huge win in Week 11.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks NFL Betting Odds:

Eagles +6.5(-110)
vs. Seahawks -6.5(-110)

Over 42.5(-105)
Under 42.5(-115)

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Eagles vs. Seahawks Pick:

The Seahawks have improved from Week 1, this goes without saying. Notably, the offense has been playing much better, specifically the offensive line. They’ve mix and matched their offensive lineman and they’ve seemed to settle on a nice combination up front. The Patriots have a pretty quality defensive unit. The Seahawks should get some praise for how well they played on offense. Seattle won the contest 31-25, behind 348 yards and 3 touchdowns delivered by Russell Wilson. It was the second straight week that the Seahawks scored over 30 points, as they scored 31 the week before against the Bills.

The Seahawks’ offense is back, and they have been playing extremely well. Wilson has thrown for 630 yards and 5 touchdowns the last two weeks, this coming after they scored just 26 points in total two weeks straight. However, ever since that overtime dud against Arizona, the Seahawks have averaged 27.3 points per game. They are 30th running the ball, so it’s clear they do miss having Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, though.

Defensively they’ve allowed 338 yards per game, but allowing only 17.6 points per game, which is 2nd in the NFL. They are 10th against the pass this season, way behind previous years but they’ve been employing a bend but don’t break unit with only 17.6 points surrendered. Getting Kam Chancellor back is huge, and his presence was felt against the Pats last week. The Eagles have been a different team at home than on the road. Note that Philadelphia are 4-0 at home, but 1-4 on the road. Conversely, the Seahawks are 4-0 at home. Both teams are coming off tough competition last week, so it’s a bit of a wash in that respect. The Seahawks have been flying lately and I don’t see it stopping at home. I’m afraid Wentz is going to have a rude rookie welcome in his first trip to Seattle in his career. Seahawks get this by 8 to 14 points.

PICK: SEAHAWKS -6.5 (-110)