Funny Super Bowl Prop Bets – Patriots vs. Falcons

The Super Bowl wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the weird and entertaining prop bets. Even if you’re not going to be betting on them, the funny Super Bowl props are a laugh to check out at least. As funny as they are, there is money to be made here. Through the last few years, I’ve actually come out ahead on these bets, so in that respect, this is no laughing matter. And you will be able to brag all night at your Super Bowl party after you won a bet during halftime. Note that my picks posted here are all available at Bovada and Bodog. Not all sportsbooks carry these kinds of bets. I know with certainty that you can get on in that action at Bovada or Bodog, though. If you are an American sports bettor, ensure that you sign-up with Bovada.

As the years go by, the prop bets continue to get more unique, weird, and funny. There was a time when the most head turning funny prop bet was the color of Gatorade or the over under on the National Anthem. I suppose if you’re new to betting on the Super Bowl, it would garner a couple laughs. However, after you look at our funny prop picks for Super Bowl 51, you’re going to have to tell your friends about it. Don’t go nuts on these bets and lose your bankroll, these are just for fun. Note that you will find limits on almost all of these bets.

Patriots vs. Falcons Funny Super Bowl Prop Bets

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#1 – What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday: Tom Brady rushing yards or Donald Trump’s interview time?

This will be the first Super Bowl that Donald Trump gets to have the privilege of being interviewed on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s become a tradition and now it’s President Trumps turn to sit down and get the interview. I don’t see a bet available, but I would bet a healthy amount that this is going to be the highest rated Super Bowl President interview on television. So, the question here, is whether Tom Brady will rush for more yards than the length of the interview in minutes. Trump is going to talk, he’s going to talk, and he’s going to ramble on some more. Brady will scramble for maybe a yard or two here and there. A 5 to 7-yard run for him takes an eternity, which he pulls of sometimes but not too often. I like the Donald Trump interview to go longer than Tom Brady’s rushing total in the Super Bowl.


#2 – How many times will “Gronk” or Gronkowski be said during the game?

Note that this bet does not include pre-game or post-game. It only includes from the first to the final whistle. I always include one or two of these bets on my Super Bowl funny prop bet picks list. I have always made out well here, so why not, right? I feel that the number is off here. In my opinion, 2.5 seems a little more appropriate. If this bet included the entire day this bet would fly over the number. But I just don’t see them mentioning him more than three times. I can see twice, so the play here is on the UNDER.

PICK – UNDER 3 (-120)

#3 – How many times will Robert Kraft be shown on TV during live broadcast?

Again, this only refers to during the game, not pre-game or post-game. Robert Kraft will be shown early in the game, this is a guarantee. From there, he will have to be shown only two more times for this bet to go OVER. If you think that the Patriots are going to be leading late in this game, which I believe they will, I think it’s safe to say that we will get at least two more looks at him. I’m expecting 3 or 4 separate shots of Kraft in his executive suite at the Super Bowl.

PICK: OVER 2.5 (-110)

#4 – How many times will Donald Trump tweet during the game?

This total is set at only 1.5? Really? Do you know how many tweets come from his account? No, Donald Trump is not sitting there tweeting himself for all of you wondering. They are either interns or hired employees to do social media marketing. He may write the odd tweet, but for the most part, it’s not him behind the tweets. In any event, I don’t foresee a scenario where he has less than 2 tweets in a three-hour span.

PICK: OVER 1.5 (-200)

#5 – How many times will Trump be said on TV during the live broadcast?

Please take the politics out of our sports. It’s the Super Bowl, and I don’t see them injecting politics into the live broadcast. Lady Gaga during halftime? All bets are off there, but I don’t see Joe Buck or Troy Aikman mentioning the word “Trump” more than once during this game. And that will be all for our funny Super Bowl prop bets.

PICK: UNDER 1.5 (-200)