Giants vs. Broncos SNF Pick – NFL Week 6

What probably should have been a good matchup, looks like a lopsided matchup between the New York Giants and Denver Broncos. On paper and by looking at the standings, one could come to the conclusion that it’s lopsided, but that’s why we play the games. Also, the Giants are getting a bunch of points in this game, double digits to be exact. There is blame to go around, but the vast majority of the blame has gone towards Eli Manning. It’s easy to blame the quarterback when nothing is going the right way. The way I see it, their problems go way beyond Manning. Has he been great? Of course not, but the Giants aren’t 0-5 because of Eli. Does somebody want to step up at receiver, anybody?

Now, there have been rumors circulating that the Jaguars are inquiring about Manning. Bortles is sitting on the fence in Jacksonville, and maybe Eli needs a change of scenery? I’m sure fans in Jacksonville would welcome him with open arms if Bortles struggles some more. Meanwhile, Giants’ fans will say thanks but no thanks. Thanks for the Super Bowls, but we want to move on now. Manning has since responded, saying he loves the Giants and want to stay in New York. Of course he’s going to say that. At this point in his career, does he really want to go to a franchise like the Jags, though?

He would have a terrific defense to work with, but I don’t think he wants to wind his career up in Jacksonville. Eli probably stays in the Big Apple, and maybe the Giants turn it around. This would be the week to do it against the Broncos in primetime on Sunday night. They’re going to have their backs up against the wall as 11.5-point underdogs. The Giants haven’t been able to generate any kind of offense, and now they move in on the Broncos on SNF in Denver. Let’s get straight to our pick for the Giants vs. Broncos on Sunday Night Football.

N.Y. Giants vs. Denver Broncos Betting Odds:

Giants +11.5(-110)
vs. Broncos -11.5(-110)

Over 39(-110)
Under 39(-110)

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Giants vs. Broncos Pick:

Manning is going to need to find the fountain of youth in this game if the Giants are going to pull the upset. His targets are getting slimmer and slimmer in the passing game. Manning is going to be with what was his three main targets going into the season. Joining Odell Beckham on the IR is Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Harris. Marshall has been a massive bust with the Giants, but it’s another body that Manning will be without. Sterling Shepard has been ruled out as well. So, before anyone looks at Eli in this game, look at the entire framework of this Giants team. Rodgers-Cromartie will be out due to a suspension that came into effect on Wednesday.

The G-Men are 18th in the NFL with 326.4 yards per game. They haven’t been able to cash in on their chances, though, as they are averaging only 16.4 points per game. That equates to 5th in the NFL. The Giants lack weapons and it really hurts them when they get into the red zone. There aren’t any targets down there, either. To make matters worse, the Giants will need to navigate against one of the best defenses in the NFL with this offense tonight.

Statistically speaking, the Broncos are 1st in the NFL in total team defense. They are allowing just 260.8 yards per game. You can forget about running the football on them, as they’re giving up just 50.8 yards per game. Without a running game to set up the pass in this game, I don’t see how the Giants are going to be doing much on offense in this one. The Giants have also been struggling on defense, with 363.8 yards allowed per game. This looks like a perfect opportunity for the Broncos to tee-off on an opponent. The Broncos should cruise to an easy win on SNF. If you’re looking for an interesting, close game, this probably isn’t going to be it.

PICK: BRONCOS -11.5 (-110)

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