Giants vs. Eagles MNF Pick – NFL Week 14

Following a successful Sunday of NFL betting action, the Monday Night contest brings about quite the disparity between teams. Though it is an NFC East showdown, the Eagles and Giants are two squads playing for different things right now.

For Philly, they are struggling, but they still see a light at the end of the tunnel, holding out hope that their game will improve and they can still qualify for the playoffs in their soft division. Though their record is just 5-7 and Philly is coming off an embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins, they still have a shot – but it starts with winning Monday night against the lowly Giants.

Speaking of New York, they’re a dismal 2-10 and are content to just play out the season and secure as high of a draft pick as possible. However this week will be interesting as they shifting back to Eli Manning at quarterback from the rookie Daniel Jones. The young QB started out well but has been brutal of late, and in what could be Eli Manning’s swan song, the veteran is eager to get one final shot.

Despite the differences in motivation, you can bet the Giants will enter Philadelphia on Monday night eager to ruin the Eagles’ season. It should produce some good action and drama, and hopefully we can end your betting week with another victory. Read on below for a full game breakdown and betting analysis for the Week 14 edition of Monday Night Football.

Giants vs. Eagles Betting Odds:

New York Giants +9.5 (-110)
@ Philadelphia Eagles -9.5 (-110)

Over 45 (-108)
Under 45 (-112)

Giants vs. Eagles Pick:

What in the world is going on with the Philadelphia Eagles? Carson Wentz looks lost at quarterback, and this is a team that is definitely out of excuses. The NFC East is right there for the taking for a group that should be way better, and losing to the Dolphins really says all you need to know about this group at the moment.

Wentz is getting brutal blocking and protection, and his receivers and him seem out of sync – going back to their home loss against Seattle a couple of weeks ago. Now the Giants don’t possess an elite pass rush or secondary, but they are very stingy with their run defense. There won’t be much gained from Miles Sanders, and this could force Philly into a one-dimensional offense on Monday evening. Is Wentz capable of gashing this Giants defense? Maybe, but we haven’t seen it of late. Expect the G-Men to ensure they have extra personnel in their secondary and not get beat through the air.

And though Philly’s defense was once considered a strong point for this group, it clearly has not been of late. They were woeful last week against Miami, especially within their secondary. Eli Manning can still air it out, and he should be eager to test Philly’s defensive backfield early and often on Monday evening. The Giants also boast some talented receivers, and it is expected that both Golden Tate and Evan Engram will return to the fold. With that duo back, the Giants shouldn’t face much resistance moving the ball through the air.

On the ground, the Giants also have the run-game advantage with the talented Saquon Barkley. Though he’s mired in a down season and likely still battling the effects of his earlier ankle injury, he’s still a scary back for any defense and can break a big run at any point. While the Eagles’ run defense is also solid, expect Barkley to do some damage as a receiver coming out of the backfield – an area where Philly’s linebackers have struggled in coverage all season.

Though the Eagles desperately need this game, it doesn’t mean they will easily win it. This is a lost football team right now, and one that isn’t playing very well at all. Conversely, the Giants have been equally brutal, but you better believe they’ll get up for this primetime showdown. They have a unique opportunity to ruin a bitter rival’s season, and look for a bit of Eli Manning redemption on Monday evening. He is a smart passer with a solid arm, and should be able to expose Philly’s secondary. Though +10 would be an ideal number, expect the G-Men to keep things close on MNF.

My Pick
Giants +9.5
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