Giants vs. Redskins Pick – NFL Week 13

We had such a good roll going with Sunday night games, with that I mean the quality of games that had some implications on the season. Tonight the Giants and Redskins will square off, in a game of huge disappointments. I will give the scheduler this, at the start of the season this game figured to be a fairly big matchup. At the time I am sure it looked like a game that would have an impact in the division. Needless to say it appears like the Giants and Redskins are both out of the chase, certainly the Redskins. We’ve discounted the G-Men before and they managed to squeak in, and then of course go on to win the Super Bowl. That team had a solid core of players, but this is a team that presents plenty of holes that aren’t going to be patched up any time soon this season. Speaking about holes, I don’t even know where to start with Washington. It starts and ends with the quarterback far as I’m concerned with this team, though. RGIII has been awful, which is an understatement. It is not even his utter lack of ability on the football field, but his attitude has just been a big downer for this team.

I do know one thing, no downers for me lately with my picks. Back-to-back 4-1 weeks and then we start off week 13 in the NFL on Thanksgiving going 2-0. It was a big November for us, but I want to make it an even bigger December as we head into the holiday season. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and won some cash with us. I’m on a 12-0 run in primetime, let’s keep it going.

Giants vs. Redskins Betting Odds:

New York Giants -1(-115)
@Washington Redskins +1(-105)

Over 46(-110)
Under 46(-110)

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Giants vs. Redskins Pick:

If the Redskins can find any positives to this season when they look back, I am sure a win over the Giants would be nice. A few weeks ago they seemed to maybe getting some momentum going, but any kind of momentum they had going was killed Monday night against the 49ers. We hit the ‘Niners so I am not going to complain. I have made some decent money fading the Redskins this season. The Giants are pitiful as well, so something has to give in this matchup. Griffin had the Redskins as a top-5 offense last season, but they have regressed with RGIII’s bum knee and haven’t had the same dynamic offense they hoped for in 2013. Given their success last season, many believed the only place for this offense to go is up. RGIII has hit a sophomore slump though, and hasn’t lived up to expectations since undergoing knee surgery. However, a statistic that may surprise you is that the Redskins are ranked 7th in total yards per game, they just haven’t capitalized, scoring only 22.9 points a game. The good news then is that they have moved the ball and are even 1st in the NFL in rushing. But RGIII has been stupid with the ball in the red zone, not so much Monday, because they got completely manhandled in all aspects. Throughout the season as a whole, though, that has been the story with Washington.

Not much has changed with the defense for the Redskins, which is a big reason for why they are in this dreadful position. Griffin carried the team last season, but since he’s come down to earth, there is nothing on the Redskin roster to carry the team. They got gashed last week, and been getting gashed throughout the season. The Redskins are 28th in yards allowed are giving up 30 points a game. I don’t think it really matters how RGIII has been this season, with that kind of defense I don’t think they are going anywhere. The Giants’ offense has been severely lacking as well, a reflection of a poor offensive line, inept running game, and the absence of receiver Hakeem Nicks. Without Nicks they have an extremely small receiving core, so once they get deep into the red zone their options are really limited in what they can do. Jump balls usually don’t work, because DBs out muscle the wide-outs. Nicks may be active in this one, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

After getting criticized yet again last week, a win over the Giants on SNF would be a nice change of pace for RGIII who has felt plenty of heat. The discussion this week was all about how backup Kirk Cousins should be given a shot with Griffin sitting down. However, I think for one night, the Redskins and RGIII will be able to smile a little bit. With no chance at making the playoffs, this is quite arguably their most important game remaining. After losing to the Cowboys last week, I think we may get a slow New York team on the road in Washington. This will be the Redskins second straight primetime game, and I don’t think they want to be embarrassed again in front of the nation and their fans. RGIII should be able to show glimpses of 2012 form, for a night, leading the Redskins to a moral victory this deep in the season. I know the Redskins aren’t a good team, but neither are the Giants this year. I’ll make a small play on the ‘Skins to defeat the Giants to deflate any chance they had of winning the division.

PICK: Redskins +1(-105)