Jaguars Cowboys Spread Line and Picks NFL Week 8

A game that features two teams that can still make the playoffs if they get wins this week, but if they lose they’re pretty much eliminated from contention. Jaguars are in a tough division, but if they could just get consistency from the QB position they would be in a better situation. Maurice Jones Drew is a great RB, but he needs help he can’t do it himself all season, he needs at least the threat of a passing game, the Defense is pathetic in Jacksonville and they can’t stop anybody it’s laughable how bad they are. The Cowboys are immensely talented, but being talented isn’t enough anymore they have to figure out how to get some wins. Romo getting hurt was a huge loss for them, but they are going to have to rally to secure a playoff spot. Game is set to start 1:00 PM EST

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The Jaguars are terrible and it’s very difficult to find anything positive to say about them, the coaching is awful, the Offense is bad, the Defense is worse, and no fans ever show up to the football games. The Jaguars are a really bad team and MJD is stuck in an awful situation. The Jaguars do rank 10th in rushing, but that is all they can do well, they really don’t move the ball that well and can’t score enough points to stay with most teams, their offensive line could use some work and they need to be able to generate more of a pass rush. As bad as they are they still have a shot at winning their division if they could just get some wins and upset some of their divisional rivals. Things look bad for the Jaguars and while they could go on to surprise the world I just don’t see it.

The Cowboys have not been winning and this has been a tumultuous season for them and I really do feel bad for them, this is a team many saw as a Super Bowl favorite before the season started and now they will be lucky if they can even get a wild card. Romo getting injured certainly didn’t help things and now Kitna will be taking over and he looked just short of awful against the Giants. I still think the Cowboys are too good of a team to not string together a bunch of wins starting this week, they haven’t been able to run the football to match their great success passing, but you have to believe that they will be able to do whatever they want against the Jaguars Defense. The only thing the Cowboys have to worry about going into this game is the Jaguars running game and that might not even be that successful.

Jaguars vs Cowboys Spread, Line and Betting Odds:


Jacksonville Jaguars +6.5
@Dallas Cowboys -6.5

Game Total:

Over (-110)
Under (-110)

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Jaguars vs Cowboys Prediction for Week Eight Betting:

Spread Prediction (Top Play): This is a pick I personally love, but given the woes of the Cowboys all season it’s easy to hesitate, but the Cowboys are at home playing against an inferior opponent in all ways except record wise and when the Cowboys play the Jaguars at home since 1992 they are 1-1 so it’s a split, but there is no way the Jaguars will be able to keep up with the Cowboys as long as the Cowboys don’t give away the game which is what they have been doing all season. The Jaguars are going to have to play an almost perfect game to beat this talented Cowboys team, it may be close early, but the Cowboys will eventually break out on Offense.

Prediction: Cowboys -6.5

Game Total: I am predicting an offensive explosion for the Cowboys this week because they have yet to have one and I think it’s about time they break out. As for the Jaguars they are going to struggle to do much in this game and will probably be unable to sustain many drives throughout. 3 of 4 games played since 1992 has gone Over and I think this one will be the same. MJD will score at least once during this game and maybe the Jaguars do prove me wrong and muster some Offense mostly on the ground and get points on the board that way, but to say they will be in a shootout I wouldn’t bank on that. The total on this game will probably be decided late.

Prediction: Over 42.5

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