Jaguars vs. Bears Pick – NFL Week 6

In the dumpster fire game of the day, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears are set to do battle at Soldier Field in Chicago. The Jaguars got a much needed win two weeks ago against the Indianapolis Colts in London. There is no time to relax, though, because they only have one win on the year, a 1-3 record heading into Chicago. The Jaguars are a model of disappointment with Blake Bortles at the helm. They were expecting big things this season, a move in the right direction now that the Jags have a capable looking quarterback, Bortles, and a couple of nice looking receivers, Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. Robinson and Hurns combined for 24 touchdowns last season, in 2016 Robinson has 3 touchdowns and Hurns has 1. The offense has fizzled, and needed a nice dose of a bad defense to get them going in London.

Bortles passed for 207 yards and 2 touchdowns, so it isn’t like he lit the porous Indianapolis defense up, but he was adequate and did a good job leading the Jags. T.J. Yeldon led the way rushing with 71 yards. 9 of the 30 points for the Jaguars were scored by kicker Jason Myers. That’s nice and all, but if the Jaguars drop this matchup against the Bears, it isn’t going to matter. The fact of the matter is that a record of 1-4 is ugly as well. An average season would have been viewed as a failure this season, but only a few wins on the resume will be a disaster.

I think the Jaguars will scratch out more than a few wins; however, it shouldn’t be enough for them to have a successful year. This is kind of what I call a lose-lose situation for the Jags this week. If they win the game, the response is going to be oh well it’s the Bears, that isn’t a good win. If the Jaguars lose, though, it’s going to be wow what an awful loss against a bad Bears team. The Lions went through the same thing in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. They lost and it seemed like the sky was crashing down on them. If they won, how much respect would it have garnered? Well, the answer is none. Nevertheless, the Jaguars, and Bears for that matter, are in desperate need of a victory this afternoon.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Chicago Bears NFL Betting Odds:

Jaguars +1.5(-110)
vs. Bears -1.5(-110)

Over 46(-110)
Under 46(-110)

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Jaguars vs. Bears Pick:

The lone win on the season came against the Lions at home for the Bears. The show has primarily been Brian Hoyer’s at quarterback, and he has done a pretty good job. People want to blame Jay Cutler for the Bears’ problems the last few years, but the blame shouldn’t solely be placed on him. As we can see, Hoyer is playing just fine, yet the Bears are 1-4. There are other players on this team who need to make plays. Cutler isn’t elite, but he gets an unfair rap in Chicago. Hoyer has passed for 273.5 yards per game with 6 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. In his last three starts for the Bears, he’s thrown 2 touchdowns in each. It makes for a nice quarterback rating of 108.5.

How can you knock that? You can’t. So Bears’ fans can blame somebody else other than the quarterback for their issues. However, they need to do a much better job finishing drives. There is a problem when your offense is 8th in yardage per game, but are scoring just 17 points per game. Finish drives, and the Bears would be looking at a better record than 1-4 at the moment. Matt Forte would have helped a bunch for the Bears.

Then you look at the Bears’ defense, who haven’t been playing bad. It could be better but not bad, allowing 346 yards per game, which is 14th in the NFL. Here is a team ranked 8th on offense and 14th on defense, but are sitting there with a record of 1-4. They haven’t had the easiest of schedules, I will give them that. They opened with the Texans on the road, which is no easy task against that defense, and had the Cowboys and Eagles, along with the Lions and Colts. Winnable games, but there are a lot of teams out there who have had an easier road up to this point. I foresee the Jaguars coming back from London, following a win and bye looking a bit sloppy in Chicago. The Bears have been playing better than their record indicates, they just need to start finishing. I see them doing it enough this afternoon to defeat the Jaguars.

PICK: BEARS -1.5 (-110)