Jaguars vs. Steelers Pick – NFL Week 5

The Pittsburgh Steelers, fresh off a win over their rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers welcome the Jacksonville Jaguars to Heinz Field. The Steelers advanced to 3-1 with the victory. The Ravens are not a good team this season. Joe Flacco is out there collecting a paycheck and that’s about it at this point.

Ever since winning the Super Bowl and getting the contract he wanted, Flacco seems to be just going through the motions. He helped win them a Super Bowl, but at what cost now? You usually give big money contracts to quarterbacks who can win games on their own. Take Matthew Stafford away from the Lions and they would be a bad team. Take Joe Flacco away from the Ravens and I think we’d have just about the same results.

The Jaguars also have a recent win over the Ravens, a 44-7 beating overseas in London. The Ravens didn’t bother to show up and it showed on the football field. It was a rather terrible matchup, but we cashed money there so that’s all that matters. This past weekend the Jags lost to the Jets, 23-20 on a last second field goal try.

That’s a bad loss. It was certainly a trap game for the Jaguars, though. They’re a team that haven’t exactly been easy to put your finger on thus far. We’ll get a better read on them in the next few weeks. They would get some respect if they beat the Steelers this afternoon at Heinz Field.

The Steelers enter at 3-1, with their lone loss coming against the Chicago Bears in overtime. That’s a bad loss for the Steelers, but they fell into a trap there, too. They responded nicely with a 26-9 win over the Ravens in Week 4. Le’Veon Ball carried the load with 144 yards and 2 touchdowns rushing.

The Steelers were waiting on a breakout performance from him, and they got it against the Ravens. Ben and the passing game didn’t need to do much, because the run was working so well for them. Their defense played well as well, picking Flacco off twice to help out.

Bortles threw for 140 yards with a touchdown and interception against the Jets, completing just 42% of his passes. He had 35 attempts, but managed just 140 yards through the air. Just like the rest of the team, the verdict is out on Bortles still. Thanks to that London game, though, his numbers look good with 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. He threw 4 in that game alone. This is one of those games Bortles has a chance to get attention and show he’s not a bust. Head below for our free Jaguars vs. Steelers pick.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Odds:

Jaguars +7.5(-110)
vs. Steelers -7.5(-110)

Over 42.5(-110)
Under 42.5(-110)

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Jaguars vs. Steelers Pick:

Bortles has a good defense in his corner. There are quarterbacks who do not have the luxury of a quality defense, but Bortles can’t complain in that regard. It takes a whole lot of pressure off the quarterback when he knows there’s a good defense waiting on the sidelines. Bortles also has a solid running game now, with Leonard Fournette at running back. The rookie has rushed for 285 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also has 125 yards rushing and a touchdown receiving. He’s a load to bring down and going to be a productive player for years to come. Kareem Hunt has stolen the show as a rookie, though, and overshadowing anything Fournette does this season.

The moral of the story here is that Bortles doesn’t have any excuses. The Jaguars are 11st defensively, allowing an average of 312.5 yards per game. Impressively enough, they’re tied with the Broncos, just 18.5 points allowed per game. Note, though, and this is important. Two of their games have come against the Jets and Ravens. Both of those offenses rank at the bottom of the NFL. The only real offense they played was the Tennessee Titans, and the Titans wacked them for 37 points.

Their other game came against the Houston Texans. The Texans’ offense has been playing extremely well, but take into consideration that was Deshaun Watson’s first ever regular season outing. There were going to be some nerves going into that one for Watson. I can see Roethlisberger and the Steelers’ offense having a nice afternoon at Heinz Field. The Jags will make some plays, but I suspect the Steelers pull away with a 10 or 13-point victory on Sunday. The Jaguars haven’t convinced me, yet.

PICK: STEELERS -7.5 (-110)

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