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This week the Jets will travel to Cleveland after stealing a win against the Lions. The Jets head into this game as a 3 point favorite. Colt McCoy seems to be the answer for the Browns quarterback woes and Peyton Hillis at running back gives the Browns some talent at skill positions. On Defense they are overachieving and playing well despite being limited on that side of the ball, but I can promise you Rob Ryan who is the Browns defensive coordinator will have a plan for his brothers team. The Jets have the most talent in the NFL, but their defense is outstanding and their offense isn’t lagging like it was earlier this season. Mark Sanchez is going to be special and has clearly improved a little more each game and the running game is continuing to help him out. The Browns are playing great football so this should be a great game. Game starts at 1:00 PM EST.

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The Jets will stack the line and make the Browns win by throwing the football and refuse to allow Peyton Hillis to beat them and that seems like the best plan to defend the Browns. Rex Ryan will make sure to dial up the blitz against the rookie QB and make him beat them. The Jets also know the talent that they have on the offensive side of the ball and will not allow the Browns to stop them from executing. I think the Jets will attempt to rely heavily upon Mark Sanchez and the passing game because they will realize the blatant mismatches there are for them to exploit in the Browns pass defense. I think that the running game will come into play late as they are trying to end the game because I do think this game will game will be close late and will take a solid effort from Ladainian Tomlinson to put this game away.

The Browns want to win and Colt McCoy gives them the best chance to win. This week he will face his toughest test when the Jets come to town. The Browns are going to have to rely on Hillis, but the bad news is the Jets know it also and that cannot bode well for Hillis. I think there will be a chance for Colt and the Browns if he can avoid costly turnovers which he has been thus far. The Browns will have to stay aggressive against the Jets in order to win the game and I’m sure they will not shy away from hitting Sanchez a lot in this game. Rob Ryan has been able to come up with game plans to successfully beat Tom Brady and Drew Brees so it will be interesting to see what he does against a guy like Mark Sanchez.

Jets vs Browns Spread, Line and Betting Odds:


New York Jets -3
@Cleveland Browns +3

Game Total:


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Jets vs Lions Prediction for Week Ten Betting:

Spread Prediction (Top Play): The Browns are 4-3-1 ATS this season and the Jets are 5-3 ATS and this game could be close or it could be a blowout this simply has the feel of one of those type of games. It will be Mark Sanchez against and Colt McCoy and will most definitely be a game in which I believe both teams will try and force the other to be one dimensional and throw the football. It will be interesting to see which team succeeds in this defensive battle and I’m willing to take my chances that the winner of this game will not be decided very early. I think both teams will fight for this win and it could go either way. The Browns are at home so don’t be shocked if they pull the upset.

Prediction: Jets -3

Game Total: Prediction: The Jets are 6-2 with the Over and the Browns are 5-3 so I would say the trend follows the Over especially since the line on the total is pretty low. I think both teams are making a commitment to playing smart football and preaching no turnovers along with great defensive play, but for some reason I think it might be a little more offensive then both teams would like for it to be. The game will be dictated by the running game on both sides, but I do think it will be important to allow Braylon Edwards to score at least once against his former team. I am leaning toward the Over, but cannot see a big game from these QB’s or RB’s so I’m going to be smart.

Prediction: Under 37.5

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