NFL Week 12 Survivor Pick

Last week was quite a thrill ride, as I was already cursing the Lions by about 2:00 pm, only to witness an amazing comeback that saw Detroit win a wild one against the Panthers and have my survivor pick hold up. That’s the good news. The bad news is that since there were 3 Thursday games, its almost like having a bye week in terms of picking a survivor team this week, and we have now used up 11 teams, all of which (with the exception of Jacksonville) I’m going to miss. So let’s be brave together and look at what our best options are for this week.

The best spreads for the Sunday and Monday games favor Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York Jets, Houston, Pittsburgh, San Diego and New Orleans. Immediately we can go about eliminating teams we have already used, so goodbye Houston, Pittsburgh, San Diego and New Orleans. That leaves us with the Falcons, Bengals and Jets. All things considered, these aren’t bad options. Let’s take a look at each one: The Falcons play a Vikings team that is without Adrian Peterson, and get to play at home, where Matt Ryan is a far better quarterback than he is on the road. The Bengals get the Browns, also at home. Cleveland has looked incredibly punchless in recent weeks, and Cincy has proven to be a good team that is capable of keeping things close with the AFC juggernauts. Finally, the Jets get the Bills, who have plummeted back down to earth after a fairytale start. They will now be without their top player in Fred Jackson, who is done for the year. I think of the three, I like the Jets the least. They lost to Denver last week, proving that they don’t need to face a good offense to lose. The Bills are still more formidable than the Broncos on offense even without Fred Jackson, and you never know what you’re going to get with Mark Sanchez. I’ll save the Jets until I’m really desperate. It is a very close call between Atlanta and Cincy, and quite frankly I think either are a good play. I’m leaning to the Bengals for one reason: their next two weeks are very difficult games, so I won’t get to use them until much later in the season, and this late in survivor pools you’re just playing to survive week to week, so I can’t assume I’ll be alive in three weeks time and ‘save’ them. Atlanta on the other hand gets Carolina in week 14 and Jacksonville in week 15, two great opportunities to use them. Since I consider both teams to be about equal this week, this gives the tiebreaker to the Bengals, but I’d say follow your gut between the two. If you’re still alive at this point, you’re doing something right.

Picks: 1) Cincinnati 2) Atlanta 3) New York Jets

Already used: Houston, Pittsburgh, San Diego, New Orleans, New England, Green Bay, Dallas, Baltimore, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Detroit