NFL Week 14 Survivor Picks

The Redskins kept things interesting for a while last week, but the Jets were able to win the game without too many problems, keeping things rolling for us for another week. Things get even more desperate this week, as we have used 13 teams now, meaning the pickings are extremely slim. Still, we are almost at the finish line, so let’s keep our foot on the gas pedal. Let’s see which match ups are the most enticing for us this week:

The best lines this week favor the Ravens, Packers, Patriots, Lions and Jets. If you have any of these teams available somehow, I highly recommend you play them, as they are all very solid picks this week, and probably in that order. Sadly for us, we have used all of those teams, so we need to dig a little deeper. Which are the best teams out there that we can actually use? Basically the only 3 that are favored that we can take are the Falcons, Broncos and Dolphins. Not exactly a murderer’s row, but more than serviceable in week 14. So, which one of these is our best bet? Let’s look closer:

Atlanta is on the road against Carolina, and this is a very winnable game for the Falcons, as the Panthers are a lowly 4-8. Still, Carolina is dangerous led by the dynamic rookie Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan plays much better at home. Denver is up against a depleted Chicago squad, but who knows how many miracles Tim Tebow has left in him? And finally, the Dolphins are favored over the Eagles, which is astonishing considering what the line would have been had this been played near the start of the year; likely the Eagles by a touchdown or even double digits. That just shows how quickly fortunes change in the NFL. Still, my third choice would be Miami. They have looked great the last few weeks, but Philly is the best of the three opponents we’re choosing against, and Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin will both be back for this one. Something tells me the Eagles will finally find their mojo, but unfortunately it is far too late in the year for that to matter playoff wise. That leaves us with Atlanta or Denver. I’m leaning Denver’s way this week, mainly because Chicago looks absolutely lost without Cutler and Forte. They managed to put up 3 points against the Chiefs, and the Broncos defense is even better. While Tebow will struggle against the Bears impressive defense, all he needs is a decent drive or two, and that will be enough to get past the Bears. If Atlanta were at home I would take them in a heartbeat, but the Panthers have nothing to lose and Cam Newton has looked fantastic in recent weeks. I’d rather save Atlanta for one of the remaining weeks on the schedule, as they are a great team to have in your back pocket in the waning weeks of survivor. The Broncos will do it in typical Tebow style: not pretty, but at the end of the day they’ll get the job done.

Pick: 1) Denver 2) Atlanta 3) Miami

Already used: Houston, Pittsburgh, San Diego, New Orleans, New England, Green Bay, Dallas, Baltimore, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York Jets