NFL Week 15 Survivor Pick

Be honest: when the Broncos were down by 10 with just a few minutes remaining in the game, and Tim Tebow had done next to nothing the entire day, were you getting nervous? Well you shouldn’t have been. Everyone knows that Tebow only starts to care when the game seems totally out of reach, and that a seemingly impossible series of events will occur to cause his opponent to lose, no matter what. Last week, it involved Marion Barber running out of bounds for absolutely no reason, Matt Prater kicking an impossibly far field goal to tie the game as time ran out, Barber fumbling in overtime even though he is one of the most sure-handed backs in the league, and then Prater coming through with another 50+ yard field goal to win it in overtime. So yes, if like me you picked Denver in your survivor pool, you were treated to one of the most exciting finishes in recent memory. But its back to business this week, as we scramble to find another decent option from an increasingly shrinking list. Let’s see what the most favorable matchups are this week:

The biggest favorites according to the spreads are Green Bay, Dallas, Atlanta, Arizona, New Orleans, the Giants, New England and Tennessee. While this may seem like a bountiful list, remember that we can’t pick someone that we’ve already used this year. So goodbye Packers, Cowboys, Saints and Patriots. If you have any of those teams available now would be a great time to use them, except maybe the Patriots because of the inexplicable Tebow factor. The Falcons are far and away the best choice left, but unfortunately they will have already played by the time you read this, so are of no help to us. That leaves us with the Cardinals, Giants and Titans. All things considered, these choices aren’t that bad considering it is week 15. Let’s take a closer look at each match up to determine our best bet.

The Cardinals are going up against a listless Browns team that may be without Colt McCoy. They have been playing much better recently, and are at home, so they are definitely a viable option. The Giants face Washington, who almost snuck by the Patriots. New York, meanwhile, are coming off a season saving, last minute win against Dallas. My fear with the Giants is that they have let us down in spots like this before, and are set up for a let down game after the emotional high of Sunday night. The Redskins may be out of playoff contention, but they always play well within their division, and you know they’d love to play spoiler to the Giants. The Titans get the Colts, the worst of the 3 possible opponents we’re choosing from, but are on the road and may be starting Jake Locker. Still, Locker looked excellent last week in his relief appearance, so I’m not sweating it if he does start. Ultimately, I’m going to side with the Titans, even on the road. The Colts are simply a terrible team right now with no interest in winning any games, and the Titans are going to be fired up as they try and grab the final wildcard spot. You won’t get an argument from me if you prefer Arizona though, as Cleveland look pretty resigned to just finishing out the schedule without really inspiring anyone. The Giants would be my third pick since the Redskins looked good last week and New York must be emotionally drained to an extent. Go with Tennessee and live to see another week.

Pick: 1) Tennessee 2) Arizona 3) New York Giants

Already used: Houston, Pittsburgh, San Diego, New Orleans, New England, Green Bay, Dallas, Baltimore, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York Jets, Denver