NFL Week 2 Survivor Pick 2011

My apologies to anyone that likes a little excitement with their survivor picks, as for those who wisely listened to me last week, the Texans were on their way to a comfortable win by about 1:15 PM. For those of you who for some reason chose to ignore my advice and take a team like Cleveland (who, based on my own pool where nearly half the entrants were eliminated for doing just that), well, I hope you learned your lesson and that your pool allows second chances. Taking the Browns violated several of my important survivor rules: avoid divisional matchups wherever possible, and don’t mortgage your present for more choice in the future. In these early days, survival is everything, and we shouldn’t be concerning ourselves too much with trying to be too cute, or worrying about taking a riskier pick in the hopes that the popular pick (and therefore more people in your pool) will get out. Let that be a second half of the season concern, and let’s ensure we are still alive to have these concerns.

With all that said, let’s turn our attention to week two. Unlike last week where there were several games which looked pretty tempting, I would say there is an overwhelmingly obvious choice here. The Pittsburgh Steelers are more than a two touchdown favorite against the Seattle Seahawks, and while the cynic in some would suggest this is a trap, I suggest that it is exactly what it appears to be: a gimme, or as much of a gimme as exists in the NFL. Yes, it is likely that the vast majority of people in your pool will also take the Steelers, but I’d rather survive another week along with everyone else than take a flier and end up on the outside looking in.

The Steelers were awful last week, but consider that an anomaly combined with the Ravens being better than anyone really gave them credit for. There is no reason to think the Steelers are any worse than last year when they wound up in the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Seattle look like just about the least exciting team in the league, and are destined for a forgettable 4-12 campaign.

The only other option I’d consider would be the Jets against Jacksonville, but even that one I’m not totally wild about. The Jets didn’t look great last week despite their late-game heroics, and the Jags are one of those teams who are wildly inconsistent but capable of having big weeks — don’t forget they beat the Jets last year. I would be happy to see anyone in my league take the Jets and have to sweat it out on Sunday while I am more likely to coast to a second easy win. Take the Steelers, sit back, and enjoy, because the rest of the season isn’t likely to be this simple.

1st) Pittsburgh 2nd) New York Jets 3rd) Green Bay

Teams Used So Far: Houston
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