NFL Week 3 Survivor Pick

For the second straight week, my survivor pick cruised to an easy victory. However, unlike week one, chances are everyone else in your survivor league also had a win, as the big favourites (Pittsburgh, New York Jets and Green Bay) were all winners, with only the Packers facing a decent challenge (so much for the Panthers being an easy team to bet against this year). Unless you chose Baltimore to beat Tennessee, if you were around at the start of week two, chances are you are still hanging in there. Week three’s slate of games gives us less obvious choices than last week, but there still seems to be one glaringly clear pick to make. Let’s take a look…

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The games with the biggest point spread are: San Diego over Kansas City by 15.5, Pittsburgh over Indy by 12.5 (not quite the great match up the schedule makers were hoping for in the Sunday night contest, but to be fair the extent of Peyton Manning’s injury was unknown four months ago when the schedule was made), New England over Buffalo by 10 points, and Tennessee over Denver by 7.5. The first elimination, for me, is the simplest, purely by necessity. I (wisely) selected the Steelers as my week two selection, so they are off limits for me. If you looked elsewhere, shame on you for not listening to me, but Pittsburgh are definitely a viable option for you this week. The Colts haven’t looked capable of beating anybody, and the Steelers defense should have no problems with a Kerry Collins led offense. Still, Indy looked exponentially better in week two compared to their season debut, and I would hesitate to bet against a home team in prime time unless I had to. So even if the Steelers were available to me, I’m not so sure I would hang my hat on them this week.

The Patriots have looked unstoppable on offense this year, as Tom Brady is on pace to break all sorts of records. However, the Bills have looked almost as good offensively, and this game should be an absolute shootout. Yes, New England should walk away with a win, but I think I’d rather save the Pats for a week where they are facing a more predictable opponent, and not one who lead the NFL in points scored heading into week three. Nobody’s quite sure how for real the Bills are this year, but I don’t want to be the one getting caught finding out. Next, we come to Tennessee. I understand they stifled the Ravens last week, and that the Broncos aren’t among the top teams in the league, but I do not like this one in the least. Chris Johnson is yet to prove he has shaken off the rust from sitting out of training camp, and Denver is one of those teams who can come alive and put up a bunch of points unexpectedly. Kyle Orton is no slouch, no matter what the fans in Denver would have you believe. I’m hoping people in my league pick the Titans, because I think they have the best chance to lose of any of the bigger spread games.

Finally, we come to the Chargers. They put up a bit of a fight against the Patriots last week, but again they seem to make costly mistakes when they can least afford to do so, and couldn’t get the job done against a top team. If they continue in that pattern, this is going to be a frustrating year for fans of Norv Turner’s team. Still, they are one of the most talented teams in the league, and better yet, they are facing by far the worst. Through the first two weeks, Kansas City are being outscored 10 to 89, and have now lost their best player, Jamaal Charles, for the rest of the year, to go along with losing their best defensive player, Eric Berry, in their season opener. The Chiefs are likely going to be the team I pick on throughout the year for my survivor team, as there is a realistic chance they win somewhere between 0 and 2 games. The only solace Chief fans can take is they seem to be leading the way in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. For our purposes, they don’t seem capable of beating anyone in this league, or even putting up double digits in points, and the Chargers will be looking to get rid of any leftover frustration from last game in this one. So, without any hesitation or trepidation, I strongly recommend you to go with San Diego this week, and enjoy a third comfortable win to start off the year.

Pick: 1) San Diego 2) Pittsburgh 3) Detroit

Already used: Houston, Pittsburgh