NFL Week 6 Survivor Pick

Certainly not for the first time, the Giants cost me. On the bright side, they cost a great, great amount of people, as they succumbed to the Seahawks. Before we second guess too much, consider all of the things that had to go exactly right for Seattle and exactly wrong for the Giants in order for Seattle to win that game, including an interception inside the Seattle ten with the Giants pressing to take the lead, and it was clearly one just one of those kinds of days. Looking back, the Giants were still the right play in that they had the best chance to win the game, but possibly the wrong choice based on the overwhelming number of people who took them as their survivor pick. Those that looked elsewhere now have a great shot at winning their pools (if they haven’t already), as the rest of us look on from the sidelines.

With that said, this column shall go on, since I am confident in not losing again going forward. What we will do to keep things on the straight and narrow is assume I went with my second choice last week, which were the Patriots. So I will add the Pats to the list of untouchables for me, while the Giants go back in the pool. Hey, that’s the beauty of the NFL: anything can (and usually does) happen.

Enough preamble, let’s look at some of our options this week: the biggest spreads are in favor of the Packers, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Patriots and Jets, in that order. We can get rid of the Pats since we’ve used them, and also because I think this is a terrible week for them, as I like the Cowboys for a potential upset here. Unfortunately I’ve used the Steelers, but if you haven’t, this is a great week to use them since the Jags are awful and I won’t always want to rely on Pittsburgh who have shown some instability this year. While I really like what the Bengals are showing this year, they aren’t quite in my circle of trust yet, and the Colts are not quite as bad as their record suggests. They have lost by 8 or less in their last 4 games. I’m on the fence about the Jets, and think this could be a sneaky good week to use them, but the primetime factor worries me ever so slightly. This leaves us with Green Bay and Baltimore. I don’t really love the Ravens this week either, as while they will likely win, they are still facing a good Houston team despite the absences of Andre Johnson and Mario Williams. I think the clear choice this week is Green Bay. The Packers look absolutely unstoppable this year, and have been rewarded with a 15 point spread. The Rams are a complete mess right now, and while I think they may eventually right the ship, a game against the defending champs is not the week to do it. While I’d like to save the Packers for later, let’s also consider that they may be resting some guys in the last couple of weeks if they keep this up, so I’m happy to take them now and worry about next week in 7 days time. While this may appear to have some of the same qualities as the Giants last week, one thing to remember is this: Green Bay are way better than New York. The Packers looked listless for a large portion of last week’s Sunday night game, and still beat a very good opponent by 9 points. The Packers are the real deal, so enjoy them.

Pick: 1) Green Bay 2) Pittsburgh 3) New York Jets

Already used: Houston, Pittsburgh, San Diego, New Orleans, New England