Panthers vs. Seahawks Pick – NFL Week 6

The Carolina Panthers put their undefeated mark on the line against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle Sunday afternoon. You kind of had to think that it would have been the Seahawks heading into this matchup 4-0 when in fact it’s the Carolina Panthers. No doubt about it, the Panthers have a solid team and they’d hit their apex with a win on the road over the Seahawks. Beating them on the road is one thing, but at home is a completely different animal. The Lions nearly pulled off the unthinkable two weeks ago, but thanks to a generous call the Seahawks escaped and were able to win yet another win at home. There is also no doubt that the Seahawks do not look the same as last season. They actually look like a team that are several years off from what they had a year ago. All the Seahawks needed was a yard for a Super Bowl, they now look miles away from just getting back to the Super Bowl. However, a big win against an undefeated Panther team would maybe wake them up and set them on a big run into the future.

The Patriots looked dead in the water after they got off to a slow start in 2014 but turned it into a Super Bowl win. The Seahawks are hoping they could receive the same fortune as the Pats did. But in the Patriots’ defense, they weren’t coming off a season where they had a yard to gain for the Super Bowl. The Seahawks look a bit hungover, and in a way, still shell-shocked over what happened to them months ago. The Seahawks are 2-3 and could have easily been 1-4, there is something going on there in Seattle, but winning does heal all. I predicted a collapse for the Seahawks when the salary cap caught up to them, and while it is starting to rear it’s horns on this team, look at the Kam Chancellor situation, they aren’t quite there yet.

The Hawks still have one or two years with their core intact. Russel Wilson got his contract, but there are other Seahawks that are looking for theirs. They’re going to have to settle or jump ship to another team. The looking for more money with another team seems more plausible. They can start to turn the season around by beating the Panthers today, handing them their first loss of the season. I provide my thoughts on that in the rest of this article.

Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle Seahawks NFL Pick

Betting Odds:

Panthers +7(-110)
@Seahawks -7(-110)

Over 41(-110)
Under 41(-110)

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Panthers vs. Seahawks Pick:

First thing is first, looking at if Marshawn Lynch is going to be active for this one against the Panthers. In a deep sigh of relief for the Seahawks and their fans, Lynch is going to be out there carrying the rock. Hopefully the Hawks they can start a run on the back of Lynch, which, is extremely possible mind you. What would kick the Seahawks into gear, a romp from the defense and Lynch plow through the Carolina defense. I mean a 100+ yard level from him while holding the Panthers to under 14 points. The Panthers are 10th in the NFL, allowing 339 yards per game. Against the run they have been pretty strong, as they are ranked 6th in the NFL on the ground. I have to say though, this is one of those games that I think look at the current statistics won’t do you any good. To an extent yes, of course, you need to look at those things, but you need to take into consideration the fact that this game is being played in Seattle. Carolina had a long flight all the way to the west coast for this meeting with the Seahawks.

The Seahawks are an amazing 9-0 at home when they are coming off a loss. Additionally, they are 8-1 against the spread in the same scenario. This looks like such a glorious line to take the Panthers on. Catching 7 points as an undefeated team looks like gold. Not so fast though, things don’t always work out how they seem they will. I think you are going to see a fast and hungry Seahawks team today, in a game that I see them having their best effort of the year. Could this be a game that diverges both teams seasons in different directions? Maybe the Seahawks heat up while the Panthers cool off following this one. I foresee something along the lines of a 27-17 victory in favor of the Seahawks, which would be enough to cover the 7 points.

PICK: SEAHAWKS -7 (-110)