Patriots vs. Bills Pick – NFL Week 2

In what is one of the most anticipated matchups of week 2, the Buffalo Bills try and make it two straight wins to start the Rex Ryan era off with. The Bills also look to take down two formidable opponents in a row. Last week they sent Andrew Luck and the Colts packing in impressive fashion, earning a 27-14 win at home. Much was made of the Bills’ defense pre-season and they came to play in that one. At least in week 1, they lived up to their billing. Toying with the Colts’ offense is no easy task. They are one of the best offenses in all of football. I don’t think it was by mistake either, the Bills have a real defense. But is their defense going to be enough? Their offense has more question marks around it than answers. They looked fine in week 1 against the Colts, but one game isn’t a big enough sample size for us to distinguish anything from. Put up another 25+ points against the Patriots this week and they’ll have my attention.

The Patriots opened the season last Thursday night. They rose the Super Bowl banner and tried to put the offseason in the past. The game wasn’t without controversy, as the Pittsburgh Steelers accused the Pats of cheating on two separate occasions.

The Patriots were able to defeat the Steelers, 28-21. The Steelers needed a late touchdown to pull it within 7 points. A part in the game that many gamblers need not be reminded of, or on the flip side, perhaps a joyous occasion for those on the Steelers, pushing or getting a win. Tom Brady looked sharp, connecting with Rob Gronkowski three times in the end zone. Gronk finished with 94 yards, to further solidify his status as one of the best tight ends to ever play the game. The Patriots also got a nice game out of Dion Lewis, a player that hadn’t even played in over a year. The Pats make great use of small undersized running backs, and that is what Lewis is. In the same mold of a Danny Woodhead, the Patriots exercised their offense well with Lewis instilled in it. The Patriots have a stronger defense in front of them this week. The Bills’ fans should be fired up for this one as well. It could be a statement game for the Bills. A sort of salute that we have arrived. Tyrod Taylor will look for his second win in two attempts in the NFL. Find my pick for the Bills and Patriots below.

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills NFL Pick

Betting Odds:

Patriots +1(-110)
@Bills -1(-110)

Over 44(-110)
Under 44(-110)

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Patriots vs. Bills Pick:

Everybody loves the Bills right now. After all, they just got done beating the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck. Can they play parlay that win into something much bigger? They’re going to have to unseat the Patriots in the AFC East if they want to make that a reality. I am alluding to winning the division crown. The Patriots have thoroughly dominated that division for over a decade. They have the banners to prove it. The Bills have beaten the Pats before and still haven’t been able to turn it into a postseason berth. In Ryan’s prime with the Jets, he would frustrate and make life on the Patriots, and now the Bills have that in their corner. I believe their success will come down to Tyrod Taylor. This will be the biggest game of his young career. He can do a lot making the Bills’ faithful confident in him with a win today. He passed for 195 yards with 1 touchdown. The Colts don’t have a fierce pass defense. His performance wasn’t that great on paper, but he didn’t have to do all that much.

I think against the Patriots he is going to have to make some plays. You have to think the nerves are on fire right now for Taylor. Last week the Bills were playing with house money, if they lost everything would still be okay. But now there are a lot of expectations on the Bills, they are expected to win this game, as some people see it. My pick here is based off Tyrod Taylor. The public loves the Bills this week because they beat the Colts, but I see Taylor having problems against the Patriots. The Pats defense isn’t what it was last year, but there is lots of pressure on Taylor to be successful in this game. On the other side is Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. I am not jumping on the Bills bandwagon just yet. Don’t underestimate the fact that the Pats have had 10 days to prepare for this game. It’s never a bad bet backing Tom Brady.

PICK: PATRIOTS +1 (-110)