Redskins vs. Falcons Pick – NFL Week 15

This game probably will catch the least interest from fans. Actually, people like to pay attention to car accidents and disasters, so if that is you’re thing, you may want to tune into this game. If you like making money like me, you may want to turn into it as well. This game doesn’t have much implications in the standings or the playoffs, but I can tell you a couple people this game is important for. RGIII has been shut down for the remainder of the season, just from poor play.

Kirk Cousins will take it the rest of the way, so this will clearly be the most important stretch of games for Cousins. In the limited time Cousins has played in the NFL, whether in the regular season or preseason, he has handled himself pretty well. He has done nothing to say he is a bad quarterback, so I think he deserves this chance whether RGIII likes it or not. I have said it many times in other articles, but Griffin’s attitude is simply terrible. Never mind what he has done on the field, he isn’t a leader at all in my eyes, and his ‘care less’ attitude is bringing everyone else down. There really isn’t much to say regarding the Falcons, all but it has been an embarrassment for Matt Ryan and company. Let’s try and find a diamond in the rough in this game and emerge with a winning bet from this otherwise atrocious game.

Redskins vs. Falcons Betting Odds:

Washington Redskins +7 (-120)
@Atlanta Falcons -7 (+100)

Over 49(-110)
Under 49(-110)

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Redskins vs. Falcons Pick:

The offense hasn’t been there for the Redskins, which it certainly was last year. The defense isn’t there this year either, but it isn’t there this year either. Without an offense to compensate for a dreadful defense, you the result of a 3-10. I mean the offense hasn’t been awful, they have been moving the football, as they are 9th in the NFL in yardage per game. However, looking at points per game paints a different picture. The Redskins score around only 21 points a game, so the problem is reflected in mistakes they are making deep in opposing teams territories. That is exactly what it is, the Redskins will march the ball all the way down the field, and then RGIII will turn the ball over in some stupid play. Plays that he should have never made in the first place, but he’s been trying to do too much rather than throwing the ball away and living another day. Cousins is a different kind of quarterback than RGIII, he is a pro-style quarterback contrasted with the, well, after the knee injury to Griffin it’s pretty difficult to decipher what kind of quarterback he is. Without the quickness he used to have, he has turned into a pocket-passer in a scramblers body. I think what you’ll see from Cousins is better decision making even though he doesn’t have much experience.

The heat has fallen squarely on the shoulders of RGIII, but the defense has to take some blame as well. There is no way you can expect to allow 31 points a game and win games. Even if RGIII was playing like last season, I think the Redskins would be in a position right now where they weren’t going to make the playoffs anyway. The Redskins are susceptible against the pass, which may put a solid game on Matt Ryan’s resume to finish this season up. There is nothing positive to find in the Falcons’ defense either. They are actually behind the Redskins in yards allowed per game, and around 4 points better in points allowed at 28. So what we have in this game is two of the worst defenses in the NFL statistically. Weather is a major concern this time of year, but all will be well on that front in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

The Redskins want to see what Cousins can do. I expect the Redskins to put the ball in Cousins’ hands early and often. I don’t see him being spectacular, but he should do well enough to put some points up against the Falcon defense. There is no reason why he shouldn’t, all he has done is produce when asked to start. Nerves don’t see him to get to Cousins, he’s always cool and collective from what I have seen. Conversely, Matt Ryan should be breathing a sigh of relief that the Redskins are on the docket this week. Like the Redskins they are 3-10, but like an easy course in college, a GPA booster, this game against the Redskins should be a stats booster for Ryan near the end of the season. Games where neither team have anything to play for actually can end up being quite entertaining with some points being put up on the scoreboard. The OVER 49 looks like a good bet for this matchup. 31-21 Falcons or 27-24 seems reasonable.

PICK: OVER 49(-110)