Redskins vs. Titans Preseason NFL Pick

It feels so good to be back doing an NFL writeup once again! After a profitable season last year, and riding that over into the MLB season, I’m ready to surpass anything I have done before. Be sure to check on my Twitter account, NFLSportsGeek, all season long for other posted plays, and in game wagers as well. It feels a little surreal that it’s already August 8th, but I couldn’t be happier that the official start of football season is nearly upon us.

Until the beginning of the regular season, though, there is still a bevy of preseason matchups to divulge into. Right off the bat, I am going to stress to bet this as you would any All-Star game. Bet for fun and to get your feet wet with football wagering. I know, like myself, you have all been hungry to throw a bet down on some football, so it doesn’t hurt to try and find an edge in this game to find some money. Let’s get right into it with the Washington Redskins vs. Tennessee Titans.

Cowboys vs. Dolphins Betting Odds:

Washington Redskins +3 (-105)
@ Tennessee Titans -3 (-115)

Over 35.5 (-110)
Under 35.5 (-110)

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Redskins vs. Titans Pick:

I’m not going to give an essay of a writeup for my preseason picks, because there are many things can happen in these games, even more than regular season, that are out of control of what the handicapper is aware of. I can remember countless times where a head coach said they were going to do this, and then they completely flip the script when the game started.

Be aware that Robert Griffin will not be suiting up for this one, which is probably obvious if you follow football even remotely. Instead, backup Kirk Cousins, who does have starting experience from last season, will assume starting duties. Cousins was drafted in the same class as Griffin out of Michigan State. A quarterback that showcased plenty of promise at Michigan State as a player and leader turned in some quality games as a rookie. Of course all the attention is on RGIII, that is a given, but Cousins isn’t all that bad either. He showed enough last season that he could possibly be a starter one day, maybe not for the Redskins, but I think the ‘Skins have a very serviceable backup at the moment. In fact, Cousins was good enough to amass a quarterback rating of 101.6 in his rookie season, passing for 466 yards with 4 touchdowns in three games.

It has been reported that the starters for BOTH teams will start the entire first quarter. Now if that changes come game time is anyone’s guess, but for at the moment that is what we are going by. I think this is an excellent opportunity for Cousins to get some more in game experience, albeit, he is going to be playing against a pretty porous defense. Cousins will have rookie standout running back Alfred Morris to hand the ball off in the first quarter. Forget Griffin for a second, Morris had himself a rookie MVP campaign as well. Morris accumulated 1613 yards and 13 touchdowns out of nowhere. If you had him on your fantasy team, I’m sure there’s a grin on your face from reading that. Cousins will give way to Rex Grossman after he takes a seat, who possesses a lot of experience at the NFL level. It may seem quite bizarre, but Grossman was the quarterback that took the Bears to the Super Bowl several seasons ago. Okay, the defense did, but the point is Grossman isn’t a bad quarterback to have in against a backup defense. He should be able to dissect them fairly easily.

Another young quarterback will be on the other side for the Titans. Jake Locker could only dream of getting his NFL career started on the same note as RG III. This will be Locker’s third season in the NFL, so it is time to put forth a good season, or it could be adios to Locker very shortly. The Titans do want to see what Locker offers early, so I do understand why they are giving him the keys to the car for a whole quarter for the first preseason game. He will have the opportunity to thrive against a pass defense that was even worse than the Titans. The Redskins were a team with little defense, and all offense, which rarely works in the long run in this league. They finished a spot back of the Titans, at 28th, in total team defense. They will get a huge piece of the puzzle back with linebacker Brian Orakpo, who was hobbled by injuries last season. The Titans will have a quality quarterback taking over for their starter, too. Well, in preseason standards its quality. The Titans will send former Bills’ starter Ryan Fitzpatrick to try and take advantage of a bad Redskins secondary.

Both teams have plenty of offense in this spot to put up enough points to make this a fairly entertaining game. The majority of the quarterbacks you are going to see in this game all have NFL experience, and know how to take command of an offense. I like this game to finish around 24-21, so I can see this one falling over the posted total of 35.5.

PICK : OVER 35.5 (-110)