Seahawks vs. Bengals Pick – NFL Week 5

The Seattle Seahawks had a familiar outcome go their way last week against the Lions. In controversial fashion, again on MNF, the Seahawks escaped with a victory that maybe shouldn’t have gone their way. Against the Packers two years ago with the replacement refs, they were awarded a touchdown on a Hail Mary with no time left. I don’t need to go through the specifics of it all, because we all know what happened there. Again, I don’t need to through the specifics of last week too much, but the refs blew the call and the Lions should have a crack on the Seattle 1-yard line following the Calvin Johnson fumble. I can’t say that the Lions definitely would have won. Anything could have happened there on the goal line. The Seahawks know all about that scenario. But the Lions of course had a huge statistical edge there of winning the game. The end result of the contest was a 2-2 record for the Seahawks and 0-4 for the Lions.

Super Bowl hangover much? If it weren’t for the “win” last week, the Seahawks would be 1-3 right now. They haven’t looked very Seahawk like in any of their games this season. The Hawks did beat the Bears fair and square, but the Bears may actually be one of the worst teams in the NFL. And against the Lions last week they were at home, a place they virtually never lose. However, like I said, the Seahawks have looked, I guess hungover, is one way of putting it. They look sluggish and haven’t had the same confidence in their step that we have seen in the past.

With the Cincinnati Bengals it is more of the opposite. Andy Dalton is playing at the level he should be that reflects his contract numbers. Dalton isn’t playing assertive and with every throw appears to be gathering more and more confidence. The knock on the Bengals has been their lack of success in the playoffs. We don’t know what the future holds for the Bengals, but Dalton and the team are playing some of the best football I have seen from them. A win against the Seahawks would be a statement win for the Bengals. It would be a great way for people to take them seriously.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Cincinnati Bengals NFL Pick

Betting Odds:

Seahawks +3(-110)
@Bengals -3(-110)

Over 43(-110)
Under 43 (-110)

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Seahawks vs. Bengals Pick:

When you think offense, the Bengals aren’t the first team who jump to the mind for many people. I say though, it is time to start taking note of the Bengals’ offense, who are playing better than any team not named the New England Patriots. The combo of Andy Dalton and AJ Green has been running wild on defenses. He has 9 touchdowns to his credit, with only 1 interception thrown. Likewise, Green has been having himself a year as well with 417 yards and 3 touchdowns on 25 receptions. The Bengals as a team rank are near the top of the NFL in total offense. They are behind only the Patriots, averaging 422 yards per game. They’re also scoring an average 30.2 points a game.

While I like the Bengals’ offense, there is another reason for liking them, too. The Bengals are 6th in the NFL in total sacks. The defense is nasty up front and likes to get after the quarterback. The Seahawks’ weakness this season has been the offensive line. Russel Wilson can make plays on his feet, but you can only ask so much. The Lions who have been getting pushed around this season, made easy work of the Seattle offensive line. In fact, a turning moment in the game was when the Lions stripped Wilson for a fumble, returning it for 6 points. The Seahawks offensive line is 31st in the NFL in sacks allowed. That is with a mobile quarterback to boot. The Bengals offensive line is 1st in the NFL, allowing only 2 sacks on the year. Also, the fact the Seahawks aren’t the same team on the road plays a huge role today as well. I had the Bengals as a 4.5 favorite in this game. The sportsbooks are being generous with the Seahawks because of the name. This is the worst team in years. It should be a big win for the Bengals this afternoon.

PICK: BENGALS -3 (-110)