Seahawks vs. Cardinals Pick – NFL Week 17

Looking back weeks ago, this game looked like it was going to be meaningful. Setting up the Seahawks for a must win scenario to make the postseason. As it went, the Seahawks are already solidified in the playoffs and the Cardinals are of course well in as well. The goal in this game is to just look crisp and on point heading into the playoffs. The Cardinals have had one hell of a season, and the roles have kind of changed in a way between the Seahawks. The Hawks have long looked like the unbeatable team, or at the very least, an undisputed favorite to reach the Super Bowl. Now it’s the Cardinals that have taken the role of favorites. However, do not count the Seahawks out, they will be dangerous as anybody. They aren’t going to be one of the higher seeds, but if I’m another team I don’t want to be playing the Seahawks in the playoffs.

I have noticed a lot of the low seeds have chances at pulling upsets early this season in the playoffs. Note the Bengals, a high seed, is it likely that they can choke again? It’s very likely given the history of the Bengals that they don’t get past their first game. The Steelers could be a low seed, could you see them pulling out at least a win? I could. For the Seahawks though, I think they are going to welcome the “underdog” role in the playoffs. A lot of people won’t say that the Seahawks are underdogs, but they will be just that next week. I wouldn’t want to play them though, that is for damn sure.

Marshawn Lynch should be ready to go for the playoffs, a player that the Seahawks have been saving for the postseason. He’s been dinged up, and in all likelihood he has been healthy enough to play, but the Seahawks have been making sure he is fresh for the playoffs. Lynch isn’t young anymore, the extra few weeks off should help him out immensely.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals NFL Betting Odds:

Seattle Seahawks +6.5(-110)
vs. Arizona Cardinals -6.5(-110)

Over 47.5(-110)
Under 47.5(-110)

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Seahawks vs. Cardinals Pick:

On paper, like I said, this is an irrelevant game. In week 17 of the NFL, you need to handicap knowing what is going on around the NFL with situations. Some teams have something to play for, others are preparing for the playoffs, and others are out of the picture. For Carson Palmer and the Cardinals, they are just looking at preparing for the playoffs, getting out of this one with no injuries. Palmer is reinvented himself with the Cardinals. The offense is 1st in the NFL, averaging 420 yards per game and 32.2 points a game. Palmer has fired for 4542 yards and 34 touchdowns with 10 interceptions.

The defense for the Cardinals has been proficient as well, heading into the playoffs with the 4th best defense in the NFL. The teeth of the defense if their ability to stuff the run, allowing only 87.7 yards per game. However, there is a big black sore for the Cardinals’ defense. Tyrann Mathieu tore his ACL late against the Philadelphia Eagles a couple weeks ago. The Honey Badger will be absent for the playoffs. He and Patrick Peterson really combined for a nice tandem, but Mathieu will not be present. The Cardinals are currently 7th against the pass. Conversely, despite the Seahawks appearing to have an off season, their defense is 2nd in the NFL, surrendering only 210 yards per game and 18.1 points. This looks like a field goal game either way. Neither team is going to want to show much in the season finale.

PICK: SEAHAWKS +6.5 (-110)